11 Best Pokemon Gifts For Kids & Adults [All Reviewed]

best pokemon gifts

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If you are like me, then you are completely obsessed with Pokemon, or maybe you have arrived here because you are looking to buy the best Pokemon gifts for someone who absolutely adores Pokemon.

Pokemon is loved by many ages, so in this article I have listed a wide selection of gifts that target a wide number of ages.

From expensive collectibles to affordable trading cards, there’s something for everyone, and every single item on this list I have used and tested myself.

So you can trust my organic opinion on these products, from someone who has played Pokemon games since 1999!

So, let’s jump into my personal best Pokemon gifts of the year!

1. Official Pokeball By The Wand Company

official pokeball the wand company

One of the best Pokemon gifts I own is the official Pokeball by a company called “The Wand Company”, they are renowned for creating high quality replicas of pop culture brands.

They partnered with Pokemon in 2019 to create the perfect replica of the infamous Pokeball, in both size and weight.

The Pokeball itself is made of metal, and the button lights up blue, or red to replicate the animation of catching a real life Pokemon.

Not only that, it comes with a stunning display case that shines a bright light underneath it to give an “epic effect”. This ligt can change colour by tapping on the Pokemon logo.

It’s the only Pokeball you’ll ever need and it’s so well built that i am certain it will last a lifetime.

2. Pokemon TCG Scarlet & Violet 151 Elite Trainer

pokemon 151 elite trainer box

Can you remember that feeling of collecting all of the original 151 Pokemon back in the day?

It’s something we talk about a heck of a lot, and now thanks to the Pokemon TCG Scarlet & Violet 151 Elite Trainer set, we can relive that feeling all over again!

All of the original critters and famous faces are back once more with new designs and some fantastic trainer cards to bulk up the ranks.

Whether you’re a fan of the actual game part of the TCG or just like opening up the foil wrappers (we’re still 90s kids at heart, after all), this Elite Trainer Set has everything you need to get your Pokemon collecting game back on track!

There are some amazing finds in this new set too; take a look at the most valuable cards in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 151 to get more information on cards to look out for, or the embeded video above of our Founder Brandon unboxing this ETB!

It’s one of his favourite sets in the last 5 years!

3. Pokemon Trading Cards – Booster Packs

pokemon obsidian flames

It wouldn’t be a Pokemon gift guide without recommending more Pokemon cards, right? It’s typical for the Pokemon company to launch a new set of Pokemon cards every few months.

This is mainly a marketing tactic, but it also opens up the opportunity to discover new cards, new art and new Pokemon.

Each set is different, and each set comes with a certain amount of cards to complete a set, for example 250 cards. In each set is different rarities of cards, some are common which are 1 in 6 cards, and some very rare Pokemon cards known as “secret rares” which are as rare as 1 in 500 cards.

So completing whole set is fairly hard, but choosing a set wisely will help you enjoy the trading card collecting side, as well as playing the actual card game with counters and cards based on power.

The TCG is one of the most popular Pokemon gifts for a reason, it’s fun, it’s addictive and it’s a good hobby to get into that keeps the mind active.

4. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet on Nintendo Switch

pokemon violet load screen nintendo switch

One of the best Pokemon games of 2022 is going to be Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, it introduces a new generation of Pokemon, new locations, new mechanics and even Pokemon that you can ride like mounts.

Releasing in November 2022 it’s going to be the biggest Nintendo game of the year. Pokemon fans are going mad, and at just $50 it’s by far one of the best Pokemon gifts to keep Poke’enthusiasts happy for many months.

Typically gamers can lose themselves for up to 50 hours in a Pokemon game, i know I did in Pokemon Legends: Arceus!

Depending on which copy you buy, either Scarlet or Violet each version will have a slightly different storyline, and exclusive Pokemon to catch.

5. Wooden Hand-Made Pokemon Gameboy Cartridge

wooden pokemon gameboy cartridge

One of the most unique Pokemon gifts I own is hand-made by a seller on Etsy known as Pigminted, he creates custom wood pieces on video games.

More specifically this one is based on Pokemon Gameboy cartridges from back in the day, I have Pokemon Red.

This ornament has been hand crafted from wood, cut out to create the logo’s and symbol alongside it being treated with high quality wood treatment to make it last a lifetime.

Yes, they are a little expensive, but its an incredible piece of art that goes well on gaming setups or it can be used as a coaster!

6. Pokemon Monopoly

pokemon monopoly

It can’t be a gift guide without featuring the infamous Monopoly board game. Lucky for Pokemon fans, Nintendo has teamed up with Monopoly to create a Kanto Edition board game that features 6 metal Pokemon tokens.

This board game is based on the original Pokemon games within the Kanto region, so when you play through the game you’ll find infamous locations, friendly Pokemon and annoying rivals ready to entertain you while you build your properties.

You can play with up to 6 people, you’ll face trainer battles which are typically your question mark cards, and instead of locations you catch Pokemon, and make them stronger and stronger so that you win battles that pay you.

It’s a great Christmas gift to get friends and families involved around the festive period.

7. Pokemon Funko POP! Figures

pokemon pop figures squirtle

Funko POP! collectibles have been everywhere over the last few years and that’s for good reason, they are an affordable gift, and they come in all different shapes, sizes and characters.

One of the best lines of Funko POP! collectibles has to be Pokemon. Not only because (eventually) you will be able to collect over 151 of them, but because they are another way of collecting them all.

Pokemon fans simply love collecting, it’s the whole premise of every single game, so having a physical Pokemon to collect, makes it more enjoyable for the consumer, especially when this Funko POPS also come in different rarities.

They look great on desks, in bedrooms or even still boxed if your friend or family members like keeping things sealed!

8. Pokemon Plushie

pokemon plushie gyarados

Up next on our best Pokemon gifts list are these cuddly Pokemon Plushies!

Pokemon plushies are another way of collecting physical forms of Pokemon, and it can given as a gift to any age, or if you’re like me, even a dog!

The Nintendo company have tens of thousands of plushies to choose from, many made to promte their upcoming games, and many just to be darn right adorable.

So finding a Pokemon plush is as easy as finding what Pokemon you like! If you keep them in good condition for many years they can sometimes go up in value if you have rare ones!

But don’t count on it, Nintendo makes a lot of these!

9. Hori Split Pad Pro

pokemon hori switch pad pro

The Hori Split Pad Pro makes handheld play on the Nintendo Switch so much more comfortable. This is an officially licensed peripheral and one that we use on a daily basis when testing games.

You can show your love for Pokemon too with this black and gold Pikachu design. And you’ve got to admit that it’s seriously stylish.

The Hori Split Pad is essentially feels like the Pro controller, just split into two. It slides on the same way as the Joycons and has turbo and assign settings for anyone wanting to get the edge on their favourite games.

The analog sticks feel real nice too, a quality product that is bound to make playing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet even more enjoyable!

10. Johto Legends: Music From Poke

From ‘gotta open ’em all’ to ‘gotta spin ’em all’, this Johto Legends: Music From Poke is a slick vinyl celebrating the sounds of Pokemon Gold and Silver.

A coloured vinyl paying homage to the winners of our best gameboy color games… what’s not to love!

One hour of orchestra music, perfectly arranged for maximum nostalgia. It’s a brilliant feeling just sitting back and reminiscing about the first time I played these fantastic games and the epic moments I experienced while moving through Johto.

And that silver LP is something else too. I could definitely see that framed on the wall as well as being played!

11. Higround X Pokemon Mechanical Keyboard

pokemon higround keyboard

In December Pokemon collaborated with premium keyboard maker Higround to reveal an all new mechanical keyboard featuring well known Pokemon, and Pokeball designs, alongside custom desk mats.

I was lucky enough to be one of the first to get my hands on thanks to Retro Dodo’s reputation in the retro gaming space, and I can confirm, these keyboards are stunning!

It’s based on their “65” keyboards which have incredibly soft keys, aluniumiunm plates, and a transparent shell so you can see the internals on the back and the keys through the side.

The “65” represents the small form factor keyboard which features arrows keys.

The printing is super high quality too, and even close up I couldn’t see any printing issues on the keys, so Blastoise looks as beastly on the keyboard as he does in game.

If you have a friend or family member into keyboards or desk setups, then this is a product to look at, for sure!

This article may contain affiliate links. If you use these links to purchase an item we may earn a commission.

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