Hands On: Higround’s Pokemon Mechanical Keyboard

pokemon higround keyboard

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We have the privilege of taking an early look at Higround’s recently revealed Pokemon Mechanical Keyboards.

Higround have collaborated with many brands in the retro gaming space recently, such as SEGA with their Sonic The Hedgehog collab, a recent Yu-Gi-Oh collaboration and now what is likely to be their biggest, Pokemon.

Higround have been in the mechanical keyboard game for some time now, creating high-end premium keyboards for geeks.

pokemon higround blastoise keyboard glow

Their “65” keyboard is their flagship product and is what they are using for this Pokemon collaboration.

Their 65 keyboards feature the “65% compact form factor” which basically means its a super compact keyboard with arrow keys at the bottom right.

It comes with an ABS frame, hot swappable keycaps, sitting an a aluminium plate and dual silicone dampening foams that gives it that beautiful soft clicking sound.

On the kays you’ll find side “ninja” print lettering making it easy to see what keys you are pressing but hidden enough that the keyboard keeps the subtle minimalist look.

The printing quality on these keys are impressive too, Blastoise is incredibly details and even down to the logos on the caps lock and shift keys look super sharp.

The background blue has a cloudy gradient effect to it, to make it feels as if the air around Blastois is vaporising.

pokemon higround keyboard close up

The base plate is transparent blue too, showing off some of the internals, alongside some Pokemon branding on the sides.

At the back you will find your USB-C port which is how you connect your keyboard, once connected you will see the RGB lighting which is very bright and can be customised on PC. Mac users have to change each key lighting manually using key binds from the included manual, which takes a bit longer.

On the desk this thing is stunning, it’s weighty, sounds great and comes with subtle numbering at the back depending on how many units have been made.

There’s a reason these cost a pretty penny, and that’s because they feel and look so dang good.

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