Ranking The Best Magic Games Games Of All Time

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The dark power shall not avail you, especially if you master the best magic games of all time!

Make Gandalf proud and take a look at the 15 best magic games out there right now. We’re talking spell casting, staff wielding, flame sword branding action on every console.

And we’re got lots of old ones in there for you to look at too.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re repping the PS4 or prefer to head onto Steam to get your kicks. From side-scrolling roguelite games to full on VR sandbox experiences, we’ve got all the magicky goodness you ever need right here.

All you need to do now is find your cloak and wizards hat, and you’re good to go!

1. Spellbreak (2020)

best magic games - Spellbreak game art

The results are in, and the free-to-play Spellbreak is officially the best Magic game of all time!

Whenever something is banned, it makes it even more exciting. In this case, it’s not the game that has been forbidden but magic itself.

The Vowkeepers have taken all the magic in the world, and it’s up to you to take back what is rightfully yours.

Using your gauntlets, you must become the battlemage you were born to be, chasing a class from Frostborn to Pyromancer and harnessing the elements to bring about your will.

Unleash your inner battlemage in Spellbreak.

The fact that this game is free to play astounds me completely. It’s so well put together and filled with fantasy elements for players to sink their teeth into, for no cost at all!

Control fiery tornadoes, electric clouds of gas, and more as you delve into the unbridled power of the elemental planes.

Find secret treasure and find magical runes that give you new powers.

Whats more, you can even fly and control time by finding the right items.

Honestly, this is one of the best magic games that I’ve ever had the privilege of playing. And for the grand total of £0 or $0, you really can’t say no to giving it a try!

2. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (2002)

Morrowind game case original xbox
image credit: bethesda

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind nabs the Silver Medal in our list of the best magic games of all time!

Listen, every fantasy book nerd out there who’s reading this article needs a copy of this game in their lives.

As a guy that believes Lord of the Rings is real and knows ever sigil in Game of Thrones but can’t remember his own mate’s birthdays, then trust me when I say that this is one of the best magic games going and a real feast for the senses.

If only it had a built in birthday calendar to remind me when to buy cards for the lads…

image credit: bethesda

We already know from Skyrim that Bethesda know how to make a killer open-world game. Morrowind remains one of the greatest RPG titles ever too, and the fact that it’s based so strongly on the D&D franchise makes it a title that Dustin and the gang would have loved.

I imagine the Stranger Things actors are huge fans in real life, so it’s all fine.

The plot is more in-depth than Gandalf’s memoirs, so I’m not going to go into it here. All I will say is that it’s more immersive than a Final Fantasy title, and that’s high praise.

This game still looks sick on the Xbox and is a true gem. Games don’t win ‘Game of the Year’ for no reason, after all!

3. Noita (2020)

best magic games - Noita game art

Noita might have a strong Metroid theme to it, but this roguelite game sees players use magic and play as a wizard instead of wielding an arm cannon.

For those that don’t know, roguelike games are titles like Dead Cells where failure equals death.

Roguelite, however, means that there are more progression opportunities andmore rewards for victory. Noita is roguelite, and therefore not as frustrating as some of the other similar games in the field.

noita gameplay

Like many of the other games in this list, creating your own magic is the key to success and making things a lot more interesting.

Freeze, burn, melt, and evaporate your way through the game’s levels as you manipulate the simulated pixels in this game.

Seriously, it’s one of the most interactive side-scrollers of all time.

Maybe we need a category for that too, although you already know the winner.

The best thing about Noita is that the levels and the game itself are different every time you play too. Try to get your head around that!

4. Little Witch In The Woods (2022)

Little Witch in the woods

Little Witch In The Woods captures the 4th spot in this list of the best magic games.

Where as once of a day witches might have been burned or drowned, this little character is enjoying a relaxed life in the woods and having a whale of a time.

Play as Ellie, an apprentice witch who has come to live with some other witches as she helps the local villagers nearby. It’s part of her witchy training, and you’re going to help her become a proper witch by the end of the game.

little witch in the woods gameplay

Practice everything you learn at witch school. Listen, learn, and make friends with the people around you.

In many ways, this game feels like a mixture of Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon, with a bit of magic thrown into the cauldron for good measure.

Meet animals, find hidden areas, collect ingredients for potions, solve problems… it’s the perfect game to lose yourself in on a Sunday afternoon!

5. Blade & Sorcery (2018)

blade and sorcery game art

A VR magic game that throws you right into open-world action… sounds like Blade & Sorcery to me!

What a game this is, bringing virtual reality melee and a fantastic magic system to the table.

Or rather, you’re being brought into the table, and the table is actually an immersive storyline that you have dropped right into and are now fighting for your life in.

blade and sorcerey gameplay

This isn’t just a gimmick game; all the objects and enemies within it are bound to the laws of physics.

Swords have a weight and must be swung with enough power whether attacking or defending against magical attacks.

And the graphics too; until you’ve used your powers to set a sword on fire literally right before your eyes, you really haven’t lived.

6. Skyrim (2011)

Skyrim switch game case
image credit: bethesda

Skyrim is one of those games that everyone here should have played at least once. It’s definitely one of the most famous open world titles ever to grace our open world, and it’s also one of the most impressive games ever made.

I also love lots of the little Easter eggs hidden in this game, like the fact that a gamer on a make a wish visit to Bethesda who had such great knowledge of Oblivion was actually built into Skyrim as a character.

So, if you come across Erik the Slayer, you’l meet Erik West, the Elder Scrolls fan that will now live on forever!

skyrim gameplay
image credit: bethesda

Everything about this game is perfection. The graphics, the main mission that sees Dragonborn killing the big ‘ol Dragon, the puzzles to solve along the way.

Seriously, there’s a reason this game has been so popular for 11 years. You only ride a game for that long if its audience can’t get enough of the story and the action.

And, if you have a Nintendo Switch, then you can See Dragonborn fighting in the Champion’s Tunic from BotW, complete with the Master Sword and the Hylian Shield!

7. Holy Magic Century (1998)

Holy Magic Century game case n64
image credit: nintendo

Holy Magic Century even has ‘magic’ in the title, so at least you know it’s earned a place in this list fair and square.

I remember reading about this game way back when Nintendo Official Magazine used to cover all the best N64 games.

Having the chance to become an apprentice mage and running around moving problems and competing in turn-based battles… well it doesn’t get any better than that really, does it?

holy magic century
image credit: nintendo

So what’s the name of the intrepid hero that you’re taking on the role of then? Spell Slayer, The Unhallowed?

No… it’s Brian.

He might sound like he works in a TV store, but Brian is tough little dude who’s trying to search for his father. Collect gemstones along the way and take part in Chrono Trigger-style action and battles, all in 3D.

I bet Brian is a big fan of Dumbledore. Unlike Dumbledore, Brian has a cool staff instead of a wand, and he can use all manner of magic spells to defeat his opponents.

Saving progress only in inns that you find along the way makes it tricky, but that warm welcome you receive from the proprietor makes it worth it every time!

8. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (2015)

best magic games - Witcher 3 Wild hunt game case Nintendo Switch
image credit: cd projekt red

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt takes the 8th spot in this list of the best magic games!

A firm fixture in our best open world PS4 games and best open world Nintendo Switch games, The Witcher 3 brings Geralt of Rivia, Poland’s hero, into the spotlight once more.

Before the TV show, there was the game, and before the game, there were the incredible series of books.

Speaking of books, check out our best gaming books while you’re here!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
image credit: cd projekt red

The mind of Andrzej Sapkowski is a beautiful thing indeed. The sword wielding antics of The Witcher and the monsters he encounters in these books is second to none.

It’s why The Witcher is still 100 times better than the Rings of Power… and that’s coming from the worlds biggest LotR fan!

Use Geralt’s Witcher magic to pull off epic spells as you progress through the game. It’s open world too, so there’s no end to the places you can explore through and secrets you can find.

Slay beasts, meet people, and shape the world in your image, either through kindness or fear.

9. Avencast: Rise of the Mage (2007)

Avencast Rise of the Mage game case PC
image credit: clockstone

I think Avencast: Rise of the Mage wins the title for the most magic-sounding game title in our list of the best magic games.

If you liked Gauntlet Dark Legacy, then you will love the beat ‘e up feel in this game.

And everyone knows that magic makes for better beatdowns, right?

avencast gameplay
image credit: clockstone

Kill monsters, get experience points to raise your skill tree stats, find gold, and acquire spells.

It’s a simple system, but boy does it work!

Players can also gain experience points by completing specific missions, all of which are based around tricky tasks that you must complete in order to receive riddles that must be solved.

One for those Zelda fans that have found every Korok, then!

As Avencast dropped on PC, players had the choice of mapping spells to shortcut keys for easy-attacking in battle.

Choose between Soul Magic and Blood Magic, neither of which sound like they have a terrifying price to pay for using them, right?

10. In Verbis Virtus (2014)

In Verbis Virtus gameplay

What would you say if I told you that in In Verbis Virtus, you used your own voice to cast spells.

I’m not talking about a character’s voice; I’m talking about you saying spells out loud and them happening in the game.

How… cool… is… THAT!

Explore temples, delve into chambers, and experience a world brimming with incredible beauty and unspoken horrors.

Use the language of Maha’ki, the tongue of the gods, to say spells out loud. Learn spells to attack enemies and solve puzzles, all accompanied by the might of the Unreal Engine.

Seriously, this game looks stunning. You’ll have a hard time believing you’re not a wizard after playing it!

11. Overlord II (2009)

Overlord 2 game case
image credit: codemasters

What happens when you win hell as your dominion but are doomed to be stuck there for eternity?Overlord 2 might see the Overlord as a forgotten entity, but his son is still kicking!

After being found frozen in Nordberg 50 years after falling into a lake, the Overlad is reigning down vengeance on the Glorious Empire.

I’m guessing this lad doesn’t find them that glorious, either.

image credit: codemasters

The gameplay is similar to the first title, and if you’ve never played it before, I’d describe it as a hellish version of Pikmin.

And I don’t mean just like the first Pikmin game with that annoying clock, either.

You have to work with four different types of minion, each minion colour defining a different characteristic.

Upgrade both the Overlad and his minions, something you’ll need to do to quell the advances of the angry elves and other magical beings in this game.

It’s a little cooky, but that’s why we love it. After all, magic titles aren’t known for being normal now, are they?

12. Fable (2007)

fable xbox

Fable doesn’t need an introduction. I mean, there’s a reason it took the top spot in our best original Xbox games list; it’s one of the greatest titles out there!

I think Fable’s main appeal to lovers of the best magic games is that fact that it feels like a virtual fantasy story.

Just think about the character development and story arc in this game for a second…

The chance to become good or evil, the ability to learn magic as you progress, the side quest characters and depiction of Albion.

It’s a work of art!

fable xbox gameplay

Players can choose to specialise in specific areas, each one having an effect on the way they look and act in the game.

I’ll tell you what; if you’ve never played this game before, then I can best describe it as an amalgamation of Breath of the Wild crossed with Holy Magic Century and Black and White.

What a game that was!

I’ve definitely completed Fable and then started playing from the beginning straight away again. It’s so addictive you won’t know how to put it down!

13. Dragon Age: Origins (2009)

Dragon Age: Origins - best magic games
image credit: ea

Dragon Age Origins takes the 13th spot in this list of the best magic games. Because what is more magical than a dragon, for crying out loud!

I don’t know any games that have won as many awards as this game; 50 since it came out. And, without realising this, I’ve listed it at Number 13 just like I did over on our best PS3 RPG games article!

Dragon Age: Origins gameplay
image credit: ea

If there’s one thing that we know from watching The House of the Dragon or reading the Hobbit, we know that the world loves a dragon.

This magicky RPG has a feel of Skyrim about it and sees a party of up to 9 character moving through epic worlds and working together to win turn-based fights.

Let’s talk about the magic; utilise shape shifting spells or get down to earth with some herbs for potions. There’s so much for you to get stuck into in this game that you’ll be coming back time and time again and finding something new every time!

14. Magicka 2 (2015)

best magic games - Magicka 2 PS4 game case cover art
image credit: paradox

I know that might look a little like a Jawa from Star Wars holding a flame sword from Breath of the Wild, but it’s actually Magicka 2.

Although that does sound like one of the best Zelda ROM hacks that I would love to see!

This game is co-op action at its finest. Delve into a version of Midgard after the brutality of the Wizard Wars.

There are so few wizards left now, and the ones that are still kicking about aren’t the kind that you want to be friends with.

Cue you and up to three mates as you embark on funny antics with more power than you know what to do with.

magicka 2 gameplay
image credit: paradox

The graphics in this game are fantastic, as are the number of spells that you can wield through the game.

Use magic to wipeout your opponents or heal your companions combining elements and whipping up epic moves that will astound you and your mates.

Every level has support for 4-player co-op too. And when you get mad at a mate, you can 100% kill them thanks to the friendly fire setting.

That should make sure that everyone is pulling their weight, eh!

15. Divinity: Original Sin II (2017)

divinity original sin 2
image credit: bandai namco

Let’s kickstart this list of the best magic games with a flesh eating elf and an imperial lizard, shall we? Definitely sounds like Divinity: Original Sin II to me!

Step into the world of Rivellon, a place you won’t ever want to leave if you’ve never stepped foot in it before reading this article.

You can go into Original Sin II with up to 4 players total or just head in alone, manipulating the elements and the scenery around you as you turn your surroundings into weapons.

Oh yeah, it’s serious stuff!

Divinity: Original Sin II
image credit: bandai namco

Like all the best magic games, players pick a race and can even create their own origin story.

How cool is that!

The premise of this game is simple; players can go anywhere and they can kill anyone or anything.

There are so many different ways to interact with the game that you’ll be discovering new features every single time you play.

Speak to ghosts and animals, master 200 skills, and even play as an Undead character. Seriously, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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