15 Best PS3 RPG Games For Fans Of Quests And Adventure

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Brave warriors, wizards, and halflings; welcome to the ultimate list of the best PS3 RPG games of all time!

If there is one console that boasts the best array of RPG titles, it has to be the PS3. With stunning graphics, rich backgrounds, and storylines straight out of George R. R. Martin‘s grey matter, Sony’s third home console was the go-to machine for dragon lovers and halberd wielders everywhere.

Still, there’s a lot of confusion about what an RPG actually is. Should they have guns? Do they need skill trees? Are they always about playing multiple roles.

Well, all of the games below are bona fide RPG titles, and they all bring something unique to the table.

From battling goblins to returning the moon to the sky, this list of the best PS3 RPG games of all time could well be the most thought out compendium ever made…

… not that we’re blowing our own trumpet or anything!

1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2011)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2011) best ps3 rpg games
image credit: bethesda/moby games

Yes, the The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim takes the top spot as the best PS3 RPG games of all time!

If you thought Oblivion was a winner, then Skyrim will make you feel like you’re celebrating every Christmas and Birthday you’ve ever had at the exact same second while drinking a seriously fizzy drink.

Yeah, it’s that good.

Zelda fans; hear my plea. If you’ve played every Link adventure since the dawn of time, then you will soak up the world of Skyrim like a nerdy sponge.

Like Oblivion, it’s more mature than the Zelda titles, but it boasts so much hack and slash gameplay with puzzles galore, making it a must have for Kokiri fans.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim gameplay
image credit: bethesda/moby games

Just look at the still above. The levels are phenomenal, and playing as Dragonborn while setting out on a quest to kill a giant dragon just makes me feel like an absolute king.

Like BOTW, players must search in every nook and cranny to find secrets, interacting with brilliantly designed NPCs along the way.

Did you know that their speech is AI generated? There’s that many combinations of scenarios that it would have been impossible to write scripts for them all; that’s why it all feels so genuine!

That’s a fact that you can tell your mates at the next D&D meet!

2. Dark Souls (2011)

Dark Souls (2011) best ps3 rpg games

Dark Souls  is the reason why my mate Josh has had to replace his TV remote a dozen times through chewing the buttons during tense moments. Honestly, the man has more rubber in his system than a whale that’s swallowed a trampoline factory.

In his defence, it’s a seriously intense game and one that proves how easy it is to get sucked into the darkness of this demonic masterpiece. Dark Souls is also the toughest game I’ve ever played in all my years of gaming …

… especially when you can’t change the volume on your TV because you ate the buttons.

Dark Souls gameplay
image credit: fromsoft/moby games

Dark Souls is the second ‘Souls’ game in the canon. Take an undead fighter through the most depraved kingdom ever brought to the PS3. The enemies are gargantuan, and staying alive is usually virtually impossible.

Battle through open world levels while trying to exact a level of caution instead of running in all guns blazing… or axes blazing, in this case.

Sometimes, not attacking can be more beneficial, though where’s the fun in that!

It’s considered by many to be the best PS3 game of all time, though for me, there is one RPG that pips it to the post every single time…

3. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (2006)

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (2006) best ps3 rpg games

We’re awarding the bronze shield of brilliance (not a thing) to the legendary The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

If you played Breath of the Wild, one of the best Wii U games, and found yourself wishing for more epic open world adventures (or EOWAs as we now call them), then Oblivion should make you giggle with manic delight.

Played in a first-person perspective for the most part, Oblivion boasts one of the most beautiful worlds in any game I’ve ever played.

Nothing is off limits, with players having the ability to battle mammoth monsters through breathtaking terrain and fantastical ruins.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion gameplay
image credit: bethesda/moby games

Bethesda certainly know how to make addictive games. As I said before, Zelda fans are going to love this title, but beware it’s a lot more brutal than Link’s Moblin-bashing adventure.

The storyline The Elder Scrolls IV is a Dungeon Master’s paradise. Embark on a quest to find the rightful heir to the kingdom of Cyrodil. Demons are causing havoc everywhere and anywhere, entering the realm from their home planet of ‘Oblivion’.

Oblivion is a game that let’s players work at their own pace. There’s no countdown timer or any pressure to complete certain actions by a certain time. Wander lonely as a cloud if you like; how you play is up to you!

Seek out hidden collectibles, chat to NPCs that feel too real for comfort, and climb to the top of social factions as you become the ultimate warrior.

Have I convinced you to buy it yet?

4. Fallout: New Vegas (2010)

Fallout: New Vegas (2010) best ps3 rpg games
image credit: bethesda/moby games

Fans of post apocalyptic games need New Vegas in their lives. I know all of the Fallout games are fantastic, but this has to be my go-to title every time.

The year is 2281. The world as we know it has fallen foul of a nuclear apocalypse, America is a lawless wasteland, and bandits are lurking around every corner to steal everything from the socks on your feet to your soul…

… told you it was lawless.

Fallout: New Vegas gameplay
image credit: bethesda/moby games

Players take on the role of a parcel courier delivering a package from the depths of the desert to the new (and rather grim) town of New Vegas. I know that doesn’t sound like a great premise for a story, but stick with me.

So, our intrepid courier gets ambushed and almost killed. Still, it wouldn’t be a much of a video game if play ended there.

After recuperating, he tracks down the dingbats that tried to kill him in a Red Dead Redemption meets Oblivion-style adventure of epic proportions.

Zombies, RPG elements, big guns, and a vast map filled with more danger than a tiger in a pig sanctuary. Get this game in your life; you won’t be disappointed.

5. South Park: The Stick Of Truth (2014)

South Park: The Stick Of Truth (2014) best ps3 rpg games
image credit: ubisoft/moby games

Whether you like South Park or not, The Stick Of Truth is an absolute triumph and a pure work of genius…

… written by someone who definitely loves South Park.

It’s definitely got a Lord of the Rings vibe to it, with ‘new kid’ and the gang searching to get the Stick of Truth back from a bunch of snarky elves.

And yes, Jew is a class of fighter along with Warrior, Thief, and Mage.

If you thought this game was going to be P.C, then you are gravely mistaken!

South Park: The Stick Of Truth gameplay
image credit: ubisoft/moby games

In true RPG form, characters can be upgraded with new costumes and accessories. Weirdly, however, all game missions and maps are found on the players Facebook profile.

It’s a good job they didn’t use Myspace; that wouldn’t have aged well!

Ok, so admittedly this might all be a little confusing if you’ve never watched an episode of South Park before. Turn-based battles against other characters and elves take place regularly, and battles bring upgrade points.

The best part for me is the humour that Trey Parker and Matt Stone have included from start to finish. It’s an amazingly fun game and one that will leave you with a big smile on your face…

… if you like South Park.

6. The Lord Of The Rings: War In The North (2011)

The Lord Of The Rings: War In The North (2011) best ps3 rpg games
image credit: warner bros./moby games

I defy anyone to tell me they’re a bigger Lord of the Rings: War in the North fan then me. I’d also extend that to the whole of the Lord of the Rings empire as a whole.

I’m a huge sucker for anything Tolkien-made, and the plot of War of the North slips seamlessly into the canon and intertwines with the main events of the novels perfectly.

Unfortunately, players can’t take Frodo or Gimli into battle, but they do meet up with the main characters throughout the game from time to time. Your place is in the North, fighting Sauron’s minions and generals in order to make life easier for the Fellowship.

The Lord Of The Rings: War In The North gameplay
image credit: warner bros./moby games

Any game that explores the wider Lord of the Rings world and delves into new areas of the map is a winner in my book. Play as a ranger, a mage, or a dwarf warrior.

Swap between fighters and use special attacks to take down Sauron’s cronies in stunningly textured locations.

Unlike most of the other games in this list, War of the North isn’t open world and doesn’t let you wander around willy-nilly. This is a quest title, for crying out loud, which means you play levels in a linear fashion.

There’s little exploring and mostly slaying bad guys, which is the whole premise behind LOTR, after all.

Kill orcs, slay goblins, and help Frodo get that chuffin’ ring to Mount Doom any way you can!

7. Persona 5 (2016)

Persona 5 (2016) best ps3 rpg games
image credit: atlus/moby games

Like previous Persona games, play revolves around a school theme and has elements of a SIMs-style game with RPG explorative elements.

If you liked school and wish that you could go back there and play through all the stress and heart ache, then Persona 5 is for you.

Gameplay swaps between day-to-day tasks like attending classes and getting kids to like you, to using Persona demons to battle for you in the shadow realm.

One minute you’re flirting, the next you’re fighting for your life!

Persona 5 gameplay
image credit: atlus/moby games

Players control a caught thief who happens to just happens to be 16, making him the perfect age to integrate into the local high school.

If you liked previous Persona titles, then the new inclusion of the Confident System, a type of scale that requires you to gain confidence while talking to strangers, provides a fresh dynamic.

Still, wielding Personas, a type of demon patronus, in battle is still the best part of the game. The turn-based battle visuals are fantastic to watch, especially now guns have made a return to the series.

Kids using guns… something about this doesn’t add up to me…

8. Child Of Light (2014)

Child Of Light (2014) best ps3 rpg games
image credit: ubisoft/moby games

RPGs don’t have to be open world 3D adventure, you know. Child of Light is a side scrolling adventure based in the fantastic world of Lemuria.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is no; the main character is not a Lemur. Sorry to disappoint you, folks.

In an even weirder world, players control a girl who’s dead in real life but awake in this fantasy realm where the sun and moon have been stolen.

At least it wins top marks for imagination!

Child Of Light gameplay
image credit: ubisoft/moby games

Do those levels remind you of another game at all?

Yeah, there’s a heavy Rayman vibe going on here, with multiple reachable platforms spreading from the background to the foreground.

It’s also the same kind of watercolour theme we see in other epic side scrollers such as Hollow Knight. In other words, it’s got all the makings of an epic game even before you get stuck into the story.

Players take Aurora through four main levels, through missions can be completed in any order and levels can be backtracked through as well as moving forward.

In terms of battles, Child of Light uses the same type of battle format found in the FF canon. Team up with your firefly to pull off epic moves while taking down creatures along the way, and get into lots of Zelda-esque puzzles that will leave you coming back for more time and time again.

9. Deus Ex: Human Revolution (2011)

Deus Ex: Human Revolution (2011) best ps3 rpg games
image credit: square-enix/moby games

Deus Ex: Human Revolution could well be one of the most futuristic RPG titles in our PS3 compendium. It has an Altered Carbon feel to it, with pretty much everyone fighting against each other in a world where people upgrade themselves more than they upgrade their phones.

As the name suggests, there’s a Human Revolution on the cards, and players take the newly augmented Adam Jensen on a mission to uncover the reason behind a deadly attack.

If you like your games with a spot of chaos and conspiracy and a dash of insane weaponry thrown in, then Deus Ex could well be up your futuristic, biomechanics street!

Deus Ex: Human Revolution gameplay
image credit: square-enix/moby games

Deus Ex: Human Revolution feels and plays like an early version of Cyberpunk 2077, except the game is set in 2027…

… who’s counting 50 years though, right?

Fans of titles like Splinter Cell will love the stealth elements in this game, but don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s not an RPG. There are plenty of armour changes and new skills to acquire, with experience-point-upgrading aplenty for those aiming to create the ultimate fighter.

And let’s talk about the weapons and abilities. After all, a game based around biomechanic development is gonna have an epic array of guns and gadgets.

Players can use all manor of weapons from pistols to machine guns, and the biomech tech provides the opportunity to utilise hacking skills and combat upgrades at a moments notice.

Listen, it’s basically the Matrix with even more robot bits, savvy?

10. Enchanted Arms (2007)

Enchanted Arms (2007)
image credit: ubisoft/moby games

Any title that revolves around a Golem War that destroyed the entire earth needs to be taken seriously. The Golems are now obsolete and the war has ended, but as usual, some nitwit is trying to bring them back to life again.

Cue another war and all their hard work going to the dogs. Why can’t people just leave stuff alone and get on with their day!

Enchanted Arms gameplay
image credit: ubisoft/moby games

Players control an apprentice enchanter called Atsuma as he tries to stop the Golems from bringing about the end of humanity.

Sounds like a great bit of coursework to me!

As with most RPGs, NPC interaction and exploration are essential for Atsuma’s progression. Battles are random which is kind of annoying if you need to get somewhere quickly, but the Fire Emblem-style gridded battlefields are a joy to play through.

Battle movement takes on a Strategeo/Wizard’s Chess-style vibe. Use long range or close attacks depending on how close you are to your enemy, and make Golems that can do your bidding.

Yeah baby; the Golems can fight for the good side too. We’re talking Hulk Smash-style beatdowns of the highest level!

11. Demon’s Souls (2009)

Demon's Souls (2009) best ps3 rpg games

Anyone playing the new Demon’s Souls release for the PS5 needs to come back and check out Demon’s Souls for the PS3.

An old demon has been awakened, and now a terrible mist is causing monsters to appear left, right, and centre, causing havoc and stopping people from enjoying their cornflakes in peace.

Sound’s like you’re going to have your work cut out for you, and all without breakfast!

Demon's Souls gameplay
image credit: fromsoft/moby games

Like Gauntlet: Dark Legacy, gamers chose from different classes of fighters as they move through levels destroying anything that looks remotely undead.

Collect souls and trade them for pretty much everything. Use them to buy weapons, learn new spells, or up specific stats such as defence and attack points.

One of the great parts about this game is that dying doesn’t mean the end for you and your chosen hero. It’s a trade off between playing as a soul and causing more damage and losing all your collected souls, or going backwards to reach the place where you died to collect them.

Oh yeah, there’s always a catch!

I love the gloomy medieval dungeons and moody graphics in this game. I can’t help but be drawn into the gameplay, which usually results in my jumping when something runs around a corner at me…

12. Resonance Of Fate (2010)

Resonance Of Fate (2010) best ps3 rpg games
image credit: sega/moby games

Resonance of Fate is an exciting title that sees humanity moving to a machine city.

The earth as we know it is a toxic mess, so everyone moves to Basel. Now, I’m well aware that Basel is a place in Switzerland and not a machine city, but this is a game, so try not to get too into the how, where, and why.

It’s just easier that way…

Resonance Of Fate gameplay
image credit: sega/moby games

Graphically, Resonance of Fate looks a lot Final Fantasy crossed with a Film Noir epic. It’s sleek, stylish, and features a super-swish turn-based attack method called tri-attack battling.

Enemies keep coming at you while you’re trying to figure out what moves to pull off, so being quick on the draw is imperative if you don’t want to die all the time.

Charge up attacks and pull them off at the exact right moment to deal the most damage. Collect bezels to pull off Hero attacks as you take down enemies through this bleak and dreary, yet incredibly interesting, mechanical city.

13. Dragon Age: Origins (2009)

Dragon Age: Origins (2009) best ps3 rpg games
image credit: ea/moby games

Few games have won as many awards as Dragon Age: Origins. It’s bagged over 50 in it’s lifetime, proving that while it might only be clocking in at thirteenth in our list, it’s a legendary title that you all need in your collection.

So what’s the score here? Why are people so enamoured with this game?

Well, for starters, everyone loves a Dragon. Game of Thrones has proven it, and so has the Hobbit. There’s just something about them that makes us go crazy, which is probably why this front cover works so bloomin’ well!

Dragon Age: Origins gameplay
image credit: ea/moby games

Just look at that bad boy! That’s gonna take some beating!

Dragon Age: Origins has a feel of Skyrim crossed with Baldur’s Gate. It’s an RPG with real-time combat where players can swap between party members.

Each character brings a different skill or ability to the table. Add nine characters to your party and sit back as they all gain points from battles, even though you can only take four into the fight.

How kind, eh?

Choose from three different classes and discover special skills such as shape shifting or being good with herbs… not the type you put in pasta dishes, however.

If you’re looking for a game that’s more than just a ‘main mission play through’, then stick your teeth into this!

14. Final Fantasy XIII (2009)

Final Fantasy XIII (2009) best ps3 rpg games
image credit: square-enix/moby games

Final Fantasy XIII takes the 14th spot in our list of the best PS3 RPG games of all time…

… I guess I should have put it at 13 really and done some clever Roman numeral joke. Never mind…

As always, nothing is as it seems in an FF game. The game takes place on a flying city, which to be fair isn’t that weird now we’ve got games like No Man’s Sky and Skyward Sword.

Players take a soldier named Lightning (it was never going to be ‘Kerry’, was it?) on a mission to save her sister from becoming a crystal. Yeah I know it sounds weird… and it is.

Final Fantasy XIII gameplay
image credit: square-enix/moby games

So Lightning, aka Kerry, jumps into action in turn based battles on battlefields that only the FF universe could produce. Users just control the one character, with the computer taking the other duties on board.

Stack commands and pull off epic chain combos in order to take ferocious enemies twice your size down.

If you’ve ever played a Final Fantasy game before, then you don’t need me to really go into much detail. Work as a team, cast some epic spells, watch for those hit points, and try not to die.

Wearing a cape won’t help your chances of success, but you’ll look cool while you do it.

15. Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning (2012)

Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning (2012) best ps3 rpg games
image credit: ea/moby games

Welcome to the wonderful world of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Five regions, four races, three classes, and one epic fantasy adventure. Play as a human or elf from one of four different races as you explore the once peaceful world of Amalur.

Ok, so what I’ve actually done is kickstart this list of the best PS3 RPG games with a story so intricate and filled with back lore that I’d be here until tomorrow talking about it.

Just trust me, there’s new gods being born, reincarnation, a Well of Souls, some amnesia, and a whole lot of exploration. It’s RPG-licious and a must have for any D&D fans.

Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning gameplay
image credit: ea/moby games

Players control a warrior called the Fateless One. After being awoken by a gnome, you must escape a terrible battle, only to discover that you are the one person alive to have cheated fate.

Use all manor of weapons from spells to close-range hackers. Equip different armour, collect loot, and lose yourself in a vast world filled with luscious textures and hidden secrets.

Obviously, upping a skill tree plays a big part in the gameplay too. It’s an RPG after all.

Earn points from slaying enemies and become the ultimate warrior!

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