10 Best Horse Pokemon To Catch & Why

Best Horse Pokemon

It’s time to saddle up and ride into the Galarian sunset as we check out the best Horse Pokemon!

Since the very first Pokemon games – Pokemon Red and Blue – there have been many Pokemon based on equine creatures.

In recent years, we’ve seen more and more of them added to the Pokedex.

This is particularly unsurprising when you consider the rise in popularity of franchises such as My Little Pony – and its broad appeal even to young adult male fans of the show (and its toys), or (as they’re widely known) ‘Bronies’.

With so many equine Pokemon now in the Pokedex, which are the best?

Let’s find out, as we check out the best Horse Pokemon!

10. Galarian Ponyta

Galarian Ponyta

Having mentioned My Little Pony in the intro of the best Horse Pokemon list, it felt appropriate to kick proceedings off with a Pokemon that really looks like it could have sprung from the My Little Pony universe.

That’s despite the fact that it doesn’t have a cutie mark, of course.

Ponyta – at least in its original form – was one of the Pokemon from first generation titles Pokemon Red and Blue.

Galarian Ponyta was introduced in 2019 Switch game Pokemon Sword and Shield, which kicked off Pokemon’s eighth generation.

Most of its stats are below average – though its Attack is at a reasonable level – but its Speed stat is definitely not bad, especially for a basic, unevolved Pokemon.

It has a few nifty abilities too; Run Away guarantees escape from Wild Pokemon (if you choose to try and flee) and Pastel Veil prevents Galarian Ponyta – alon with its allies – from being poisoned too.

This Psychic type Pokemon also has few weaknesses; though vulnerable to Bug, Ghost and Dark type moves, it’s resistant to Fighting and Psychic type moves.

Plus, at level 40 it evolves into the Galarian form of Rapidash – who you’ll soon see making an appearance on the list of the best Horse Pokemon!

9. Zebstrika

Zebstrika - best horse pokemon

Though Zebstrika is of course based on a zebra, rather than a horse specifically, we can hardly leave it out – especially considering that Galarian Ponyta is essentially a unicorn!

If we can have unicorns, I’m sure we can make room for a zebra, right?

Introduced in fifth generation games Pokemon Black and White (perhaps fittingly when it comes to this zebra-esque Pokemon!), Zebstrika starts out as Blitzle, who evolves at level 40.

Like Galarian Ponyta, Zebstrika’s stand out stat is its Speed, with its above average Attack coming in a close second.

Zebstrika learns a couple of powerful attacks as it levels up; at level 47 it gains access to Wild Charge, for example. 

Though powerful, Wild Charge must be used carefully as Zebstrika takes recoil damage from the move.

At level 53 Zebstrika can learn Thrash, which dishes out serious damage – but again, must be used with caution as it can leave the poor stripy Pokemon confused for several turns after use! 

8. Rapidash


Though the standard Ponyta didn’t quite make the list – its similar stats meant it was a choice between Galarian Ponyta and the regular version – we’ve found room to include its evolved form, Rapidash.

Flame-maned (as well as flame-tailed and legged!) Rapidash is, as you have probably guessed, a Fire type Pokemon.

It’s a definite improvement over Ponyta, which it evolves from at level 40 – with above average Speed and Attack, as well as progress in every other stat too.

Run Away is an ability it inherits from Ponyta – along with the Flash Fire ability, which makes its Fire type moves a massive 50% stronger, if Ponyta is hit with an opponent’s Fire type move.

From levels 49 to 63, Rapidash also gains access to three powerful Fire type moves – culminating in the superb Flare Blitz.

Though Rapidash itself will lose some HP from using Flare Blitz, it deals a massive amount of damage to the opposing Pokemon – and also has a 10% chance of applying Burn status to them too! 

7. Galarian Rapidash

Galarian Rapidash - best horse pokemon

Another Pokemon introduced in generation 8’s Pokemon Sword and Shield, Galarian Rapidash evolves from the Galarian regional variant of Ponyta at level 40.

As a Psychic and Fairy type Pokemon, it is different in terms of its abilities to the original Rapidash – even if their base stats are identical in every way!

Run Away – common too all Ponyta/Rapidash variants – is present as an ability, as is the poison-preventing ability, Pastel Veil. 

Move-wise, it doesn’t have anything hugely impressive in terms of overall power – but Dazzling Gleam, learned at level 59, is a strong Fairy type move that damages all nearby enemies.

Psychic – unsurprisingly, a Psychic type move – is learned at level 59. This is a pretty good move that’ll only hit one enemy, but also has a 10% chance of lowering their Sp. Def too!

6. Mudsdale


Unlike all of the other Pokemon on the best Horse Pokemon list so far, Mudsdale is a bit sluggish, to say the least.

This hefty Pokemon, introduced in generation 7 games Pokemon Sun and Moon, has a very low Speed stat, as well as a very disappointing Sp. Atk stat too.

So why is it sat near the middle of the best Horse Pokemon list?

Well, Mudsdale has some excellent stats: both its HP and Defense are above average, but crucially it also has a very high Attack stat too.

Mudsdale’s Own Tempo ability prevents Confusion and its Stamina ability raises Mudsdale’s Defense as soon as an Attack move is used against it!

However, Attack moves are where Mudsdale truly shines – with a devastating trio of Earthquake at level 40, the slightly unreliable (but powerful!) Mega Kick at level 46 and Superpower (which, admittedly, will temporarily lower Mudsdale’s Attack and Defense) being learned at level 52. 

5. Spectrier

Spectrier - best horse pokemon

Though it made its appearance in eighth generation games Pokemon Sword and Shield, in order to get your hands on Ghost type Pokemon Spectrier, players would need to have the Crown Tundra DLC.

It’s worth seeking out though; Spectrier has above average HP, along with absolutely phenomenal Sp. Atk and Speed!

Despite having a huge Sp. Atk stat to start with, Spectrier’s Grim Neigh ability also boosts its Sp. Atk when it knocks out an opposing Pokemon.

If you manage to get your Spectrier to level 72, you’ll also be able to learn Nasty Plot – which can raise that Sp. Atk even further!

Though Spectrier’s most powerful moves – in the form of Thrash at level 54 and Double Edge at level 66 – will both chip away at its own HP as well as issue devastating blows to the opposing Pokemon, Spectrier’s HP is high enough to weather the storm.

It’s that particular issue that doesn’t see it ranked higher on the list of the best Horse Pokemon, but Spectrier is definitely a Pokemon you wouldn’t want to run into on a dark night!

4. Keldeo (Resolute Form)

Keldeo Resolute Form

This Pokemon made its debut in the fifth generation games Pokemon Black and White.

Keldeo – a Water and Fighting type Pokemon – has an Ordinary Form and a Standard Form.

There’s very little difference between them, so we’ve opted to showcase the Resolute Form here.

Seriously though – it’s very strange that Keldeo’s only real difference when it changes into its Resolute Form is in how it looks, along with the move you will need to teach it in order for it to change in the first place.

That move is Secret Sword – a reasonably powerful but otherwise fairly standard FIghting type move which inflicts damage based on an opposing Pokemon’s Defense.

What earns Keldeo its place on the list of the best Horse Pokemon is its excellent stats, however. 

Though Keldeo’s Attack is slightly underwhelming, all of its other stats are above average – including a particularly strong Sp. Atk stat!

3. Glastrier

Glastrier - best horse pokemon

No stranger to lists on Retro Dodo, you’ll also find Glastrier on our heaviest Pokemon and strongest Pokemon lists – though admittedly, on the latter it’s because Calyrex (another Pokemon) is riding Glastrier into battle!

Glastrier was first seen in generation eight titles Pokemon Sword and Shield – yet, like Spectrier, could only be found in the Crown Tundra DLC.

Glastrier also has the Chilling Neigh ability in common with Spectrier too!

Though far from the fastest of quadrupeds, any shortfalls that Glastrier has with its underwhelming Speed is more than made up for with amazingly high Attack and Defense stats.

In keeping with its close similarity to Spectrier, two of Glastrier’s most powerful moves are Thrash and Double Edge.

Glastrier’s phenomenal Attack and Defense stats push it further up the ranks of the best Horse Pokemon than its ghostly, Crown Tundra counterpart, however! 

2. Palkia (Origin Forme)

Palkia Origin Forme

Though Palkia also features on our list of the best Dragon type Pokemon, it’s the standard form of this Legendary Pokemon that you’ll find there.

For the best Horse Pokemon list, we’ve included the majestic Origin Forme of Palkia – and it’s an absolute powerhouse!

Get yourself a Lustrous Globe and you too can transform your fearsome biped into an equally monstrous, quadrupedal Palkia!

With no weak areas in terms of its stats, it has some at such high levels that they still stand out.

Its Sp. Atk stat in particular is impressively huge!

The Water and Dragon type Palkia’s Origin Forme also has very few weaknesses – only struggling against Dragon and Fairy type moves.

1. Arceus

Arceus - best horse pokemon

A Pokemon that also made it to the very top of the best Normal Type Pokemon list, Arceus is such a legendary creature that its name featured in the title of a Pokemon game!

Pokemon Legends: Arceus featured this incredible Pokemon in the title and the game itself, though Arceus was, in fact, introduced in fourth generation games Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

So what makes Arceus so special?

Well, its consistently strong stats are a big part of what makes Arceus such a brilliant choice for anyone interested in having a reliable Pokemon on their team.

It has a single type weakness – against Fighting type moves – and is immune to Ghost type moves entirely.

It learns some extremely powerful attack moves as it levels up too; all of which adds up to push Arceus first past the post on the list of the best Horse Pokemon! 

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