15 Best Dragon Type Pokemon Of All Time

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Prepare for battle with fire and fangs as we check out the best Dragon type Pokemon of all time.

Dragons. They’re perhaps the best mythical creatures ever created and make up 90% of the stories in the books on my bookshelves.

Smaug, Saphira, Norbert, Viserion; we can’t get enough of these winged menaces, which is probably why we always stick a couple in our Pokemon battle team too.

From fire-breathing Goliaths to cunning ghosty and even Water type hybrids, we’ve got a list of the best Dragon type Pokemon from all the best Pokemon games for you to mix up into your team below.

Add some real power to your play and sink your teeth into the opposition with style!

15. Reshiram

Reshiram - best dragon type pokemon

Reshiram kickstarts this list of the best Dragon-type Pokemon of all time. A dual Dragon and Fire type Pokemon, it’s a contender for the place of best typical dragon along with the iconic beast below.

If you’ve played Pokemon White, then you’ll know all about the legendary Reshiram. It’s a great all-rounder with some impressive stats to boot, holding its own with all the other hard-hitters in this list.

The design is stunning too; if you can call a fire-breathing killer suave, then Reshiram fits the bill perfectly.

14. Charizard

The OG Pokemon Red hero Charizard is up next, my first eve high level Pokemon.

I bought Pokemon Red back in the day, and evolving my Charmeleon into Charizard remains one of the greatest days of my life.

Pulling out moves like Fire Spin, Fly, and Flamethrower just never got old.

There was undoubtedly a hairy moment when it came up against Blue’s Blastoise, but Zapdos came to save the day there.

I think when most people think about Dragon-type Pokemon, Charizard springs to mind first. Still, there have been a lot of critters since the original Red and Blue days, many of which you’re about to discover below!

13. Kommo-o

Kommo-o - best dragon type pokemon

Next up on this list of the best Dragon type Pokemon of all time is Kommo-o, the dragon whose last ‘O’ I always forget to write down every single time.

Kommo-o looks like an absolute badass. It’s almost like he’s got hand tattoos, for crying out loud.

When it comes to stats, he’s up there with the best, especially because of the dual Dragon and Fighting-type characteristics. That means moves like Dragon Rage, Stealth Rock, and fighting moves you might normally see coming out of Hitmonchan’s fists.

The one thing that stops Kommo-o from coming any further down this list is the fact that Fairy-type Pokemon can trounce it within seconds. Seriously, just the weakest of moves will send it into a downward spiral!

12. Salamence

Salamence looks like what you’d get if a Venusaur mated with a Charizard. Don’t get me wrong, this is one tough Pokemon, but it just doesn’t look as cool as some of the other Dragons further down this list.

And I don’t care what anyone says, one of the main reasons we pick our Pokemon is definitely for how cool they look.

Salamence is a Dragon and Flying-type Pokemon with some serious attack skills. With this guy in your team and moves like Outrage, Fire Blast, and Oblivion Wing, there will be no stopping you!

11. Palkia

Palkia - best dragon type pokemon

Palkia is up next in our list of the best Dragon type Pokemon, bringing some White-Ranger TigerZord vibes to the party.

This mighty-looking critter is a Water type and a Dragon type, falling into the legendary Pokemon category. It’s one of the Sinnoh creation trio, which will probably mean a lot more if you’ve played a whole bunch of Pokemon games.

Like many legendary Pokemon, Palkia doesn’t evolve from or into anything. That being said, if you can get your grubby paws on an item called the Lustrous Globe, then it does have an Origin Forme that you can morph into.

10. Dialga

Dialga - best dragon type pokemon

Is it just me, or is Dialga everyone’s dream method of riding around the world? Imagine turning up to your mates house on the back of one of these!

If you’ve recently played the Diamond and Pearl remakes that have dropped on the Nintendo Switch, then Dialga won’t be that much of a stranger to you.

Both Steel and Dragon types, there are tons of moves for you to choose from to complement your team and help against a whole bunch of gym leaders throughout the game.

Still, the main thing that matters (as we all know) is how freakin’ cool it looks! It’s like a cross between a stegosaurus and a ruby, digitised to perfection.

Oh, and it’s got some of the best defence of any dragon too. This kid is as hard as nails!

9. Dragonite

Talk about ‘butter wouldn’t melt’. Dragonite looks like he could be everyone’s favourite ‘best buddy’, possibly even the host of a children’s TV show.

Don’t be fooled by his smile or his little satchel either. This first gen Pokemon is an absolute baller in the stadium. Teach this guy Fly, Earthquake, or any Dragon move, and he’ll be smiling even wider as he makes all of your Pokemon faint.

Getting a Dratini was always super tough in the first Pokemon games, which made having a Dragonite on your team even more impressive.

I do wonder what he had in that satchel though? Snacks? Mail? Performance enhancing Dragonfruit?

8. Garchomp

Garchomp - best dragon type pokemon

Next up in our best Dragon type Pokemon list is this creepy looking lad, Garchomp.

Sounds a little French, doesn’t it?

With Dragon and Ground-type stats, Garchomp is a quick, offensive, and all out hard Pokemon. With moves like Stealth Rock, Earth Quake, and Dragon Rage in its arsenal, you better hope you don’t come up against one in a battle.

Draco Meteor is another move that It can whip out at a moments notice too. It’s a real tough Ritter and, with the right held items, can quickly become the most defensive member of your team too.

7. Hydreigon

Come on; how good of a play on words is that. Hydra, hydrogen, dragon… it’s fantastic.

It’s a creepy looking Pokemon, make no mistake. I know it’s suppose to have three heads, but those little faces look as though it’s got some sort of Pan’s Labyrinth Pale Man eye-hand vibes going on.

Still, I’m all about weird, and this guy is one incredibly character that shows no mercy.

It won’t surprise you to know that Hydreigon is Dark and Dragon type Pokemon. It’s weak against fairy types like our man Kommo-o above, and it’s not very fast.

Still, with an impressive special attack stat and some slick moves up its weird-face-covered-sleeves, it’ll prove a strong match to many high-level Pokemon.

Unless that high level Pokemon is Grimmsnarl, then you’re doomed.

6. Dragapult

Dragapult - best dragon type pokemon

Dragapult is up next in this list of the best Dragon type Pokemon.

If you’re wondering who the heck this kid is, then I would suggest having a good play of Pokemon Sword and Shield before you carry on reading this article. New to the Switch games, Dragapult catapulted onto the scene and straight into gamer’s teams in a heartbeat.

Because Dragapult is both Dragon and Ghost type, you can twin epic moved like Dragon Darts with Shadow Ball.

That’s the ultimate offensive strike pattern that I use when playing tougher opponents in Pokemon Sword.

So he doesn’t have the best offensive record, but he’s cunning. Show me a ghost that isn’t cunning; that’s why Ghastly always has that shifty look on its face.

5. Dracovish

Dracovish creeps me out every time I see it. It’s a weird mismatch of parts that should never have been put together. Still, somehow it ends up being one of the strongest Dragon Pokemon out there and a real credit to your team.

It’s actually a collection of fish and dinosaur fossils that fuse together to make a Water and Dragon fossil type Pokemon.

Dracovish is quick too, both on land and underwater.

Which means if you see one following you down a dark alley, it’s pretty much game over for you.

Teach it chomping moves to make use of that massive jaw, which actually increases the damage of said moves too. Crunch and Fishious Rend are two moves that need to be in the attack list before going into battle without a shadow of a doubt!

4. Haxorus

Haxorus - best dragon type pokemon

Haxorus is pure Dragon through and through. If this were Harry Potter, it’d be a pure blood and probably sat alongside Moldy Voldy at the Malfoy’s table.

A high level Haxorus with moves like Earthquake and Dragon Rage will make mincemeat of the opposition.

And, even through dragons are weak to fairy attacks, Haxorus can learn Fairy-type killing moves such as poison jab.

And come on, Haxorus looks the part too, right? Apart from Charizard, it’s the most dragon-looking dragon in this list!

3. Giratina

Giratina takes the bronze medal in this list of the best Dragon type Pokemon of all time.

I picked Giratina’s Origin Forme for this picture because it looks a little more dragon-esque, but it’s a brutal-looking Pokemon either way.

You can transform into Origin Forme Giratina by either having the grimy-sounding Griseous Orb in your possession or by entering the Distortion World.

The poster boy of Pokemon Platinum, Giratina represents antimatter as one of the three creation Pokemon of Sinnoh. It’s powerful moveset and strength is enough to wipe the smile off Dragonite’s face.

Like Dragapult, it’s both Ghost and Dragon type, making for some interesting attack combinations.

2. Eternatus

Eternatus - best dragon type pokemon

I remember the moment I pulled Eternatus out in a battle and just wiped my opponent clean off the face of the planet.

Not only is it one of the most powerful dragons in the game, but it’s also one of the tallest Pokemon in existence too.

A dual Poison and Dragon type, Eternatus has an energy source where its heart should be. It’s a war machine through and through and, when on your team, the perfect Pokemon to wipe through most types with ease.

Its Eternamax form is even bigger anymore powerful. Imagine that time that you first used Mewtwo in Pokemon Blue, but times it by 1,000. That’s the general feeling of using this lad on the field.

1. Rayquaza

The results are in, and Raquaza is officially the best Dragon type Pokemon of all time.

A proper looking Dragon, albeit without the legs, Rayquaza is a strong Pokemon that takes no prisoners.

Whether playing in its original form or as Mega Rayquaza, this super-ancient Pokemon that features on the cover of Pokemon Emerald is capable of controlling weather elements in a battle.

It does a whole bunch more than that though, whipping out killer moves that, thanks to its high offensive stats, knock health bars down to zero faster than I can eat a tiramisu.

Spoiler alert – that’s super fast.

Plus, it looks most like the legendary dragons in Breath of the Wild, and you know I base everything in life on that game.

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