10 Best Beyblade Games Of All Time

Spin into battle as we check out the 10 best Beyblade games of all time!

I was obsessed with Beyblade as a kid. Between this, the best Yu-Gi-Oh games, and the best Pokemon toys, my pockets and backpack were always full of useful gear I could whip out to beat imaginary opponents.

And I always won… always.

Beyblade has seen many evolutions over the years, though the core gameplay style has always stayed the same.

That’s not a bad thing; Pokemon has always been about beating Gym Leaders, and Beyblade’s Bey battles never get old.

If you have a massive aversion to spinning tops, then you should probably look away now. If, however, you live and breath Bey (and I’m not talking about Beyonce), then take a look at the best Beyblade games money can buy, and happy battling!

10. Beyblade Metal Fusion: Cyber Pegasus (2010)

best Beyblade games - Beyblade Metal Fusion Cyber Pegasus game case Nintendo DS

Beyblade Metal Fusion: Cyber Pegasus kickstarts our list of the best Beyblade games of all time!

Hands up who’s seen the Metal Fusion series? All of you, right?

Well, this Nintendo DS title is based on that very same series, and you have to find out why competitors in the tournament are being knocked out after losing their matches.

I mean, the tournament in question is called ‘The Nosferatu Tournament’, so vampires could have something to do with it…

Pull off cool attacks and tricksy moves with your Beyblade. The story mode in this game as you try to discover who is behind these odd attacks will keep you hooked, and the customisation arena is perfect for those players that spend ages in car garages or character creation areas.

With voice command action, unlockable characters, and your trusty stylus in tow, Metal Fusion: Cyber Pegasus is undoubtedly one of the best Nintendo DS games and a Bey-utiful title to boot!

9. Beyblade Fighting Tournament (2002)

Beyblade Fighting Tournament might look incredibly old school compared to the rest of the titles further down this list, but it’s a bona fide classic alright!

There’s no doubt that the GBC title is pretty primitive compared to newer games, with only 4-archetypes to choose from and only one in the initial levels

Still, as only the second video game ever to be based on the series, I guess we shouldn’t expect anything different.

The other catch is that it’s all in Japanese. Rather than learning a whole new language, you need to effectively understand the art of customising Beyblades if you’re going to get the upper hand in this game.

And to be honest, that’s a skill that you’re going to need for the other titles in this list too!

8. Beyblade Burst God (2018)

best Beyblade games - Beyblade Burst God game case Nintendo 3DS

Beyblade Burst God takes the 8th spot in this list of the best Beyblade games, adding a little 3D magic into the mix.

You’d definitely duck if one of these came flying out of the screen towards you!

Known as Beyblade: Evolution in the West, this game from the Burst series sees players taking to arenas with their chosen Beys to compete to the death.

Well, not exactly, but you get the idea.

If you can get a collector’s edition version of this game complete with the limited edition Bey, then you’ll be the proud owner of a piece that can’t be bought anywhere else!

With a chance to unlock a powerful Bey from Shogun Steel and the ability to play fellow Bladers online, there’s so much to see, do, and experience from Burst God that you won’t get bored in a hurry!

7. Beyblade Burst: Battle Zero (2018)

Beyblade Burst: Battle Zero fetches a pretty penny, even in 2022. Its high cost for a new copy, especially with the Beyblade included is the main reason that it hasn’t ranked further down this list of the best Beyblade games.

Still, it’s a cracking title!

This is actually the first Beyblade game released for the Switch, continuing the heavy handheld gaming theme that runs throughout this series.

As you might imagine, gameplay is heavily combat based once more. The added twist is having the ability to use both Joycons to actively contribute to the battle.

Use your left Joycon to fire and aim your Bey, while using the right to turn it and attack from different angles.

Check out the still above too; how epic do those Beys look! They’re crystal clear, vibrant, and the point of impact where two collide boasts sparks galore. If you’re after a Beyblade game bursting with impressive visuals, then look no further.

6. Beyblade: Metal Fusion – Battle Fortress (2010)

best Beyblade games - Beyblade Metal fusion Battle Fortress game case Nintendo Wii

Next up on our list of the best Beyblade games is Beyblade: Metal Fusion – Battle Fortress, a Nintendo Wii game that still looks slick even in 2022.

If you’re a fantasy buff, then this story will grab hold of you like a brain in the Department of Mysteries.

Based on the animated series, players are captured by an evil scientist and taken to his fortress. He’s after the power of the Beybladers, but it’s your job to make sure he doesn’t succeed.

Armed with your trusty Beyblade and puling off special attacks with the Star beast within, you must stop his dastardly deeds before it’s too late.

An evil genius versus some spinning tops… what could possibly go wrong?

5. Beyblade Burst App (2017)

With over 10million downloads, I think we can safely say that the Beyblade Burst App is one of the best Beyblade games of all time.

What sets this game apart from others in the series is the ability to play competitions in over 90 countries with the touch of the button. We’re talking worldwide matches with other Beybladers.

Now that’s cool!

Customisation plays a huge part in this game; unlock virtual pieces and use them to build the ultimate Bey.

The best bit about this game is that, with it being an App, you can play it anywhere anytime. And the graphics are crystal clear too with super-slick visuals of your custom Beys.

If you’ve always wanted to be a Beyblader, then this is a must-have App for your phone or tablet!

4. Beyblade G Revolution (2004)

best Beyblade games - Beyblade G Revolution

The GBA is widely known for playing host to some of the best Pokemon Games, but Beyblade G Revolution provides users with alternative RPG action.

Ok, so it’s less immersive than the Pokemon games with less features to think about, but the battle elements are super fun.

I guess the main downfall is that, unless you love the Beyblade series, G Revolution isn’t as ‘pick up and play’ as a Pokemon title.

Still, it’s totally unfair to compare the two. That would be like comparing toast and pizza; I love both, but they are different in so many ways.

Beyblade G Revolution isn’t an expensive game to pick up in 2022, so if you are looking to boost your collection of the best Gameboy Advance games and fancy trying your hand at some fantasy spinning-top action, then give it a try!

3. Beyblade VForce: Super Tournament Battle (2002)

GameCube fans will undoubtedly remember Beyblade VForce: Super Tournament Battle. This was one of my favourite games to play as a kid, usually right after watching the cartoon.

Hey, when I get into a series, I get into it properly!

As you might have guessed, the main aim of the game is to win matches, collect coins, and eventually buy better Beys. And because the GameCube still looks pretty good today (especially with the best GameCube HDMI cables), it’s exciting when you get a new one or upgrade.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to beat back the advances of Team Psychic, The Blade Breakers, and lots of other teams as you go for gold.

It’s a tried and tested formula, and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

2. Beyblade VForce: Ultimate Blader Jam (2003)

Today’s silver medal goes to Beyblade VForce: Ultimate Blader Jam, a Beyblade title with a nice twist.

Weirdly, this game isn’t actually based on the battles that the series is known for. Don’t go changing webpages just yet though, it’s still an addictive game with lots of Bey action and enemies to defeat.

Imagine Beyblade crossed with Super Monkey Ball; players have to move their Bey through courses, traversing narrow paths in an allotted time.

With collectibles to grab along each route too, you’ll be concentrating on your spin gauge as though your life depends on it.

Well, I suppose it does, because if your Bey stops spinning, it’s game over for you!

And don’t worry, there’s still a battle mode where you can try to knock your mate of the level you’re on. You can’t have one of the best Beyblade games without some aggressive action now, can you!

1. Beyblade Burst Rivals (2018)

best Beyblade games - Beyblade VForce Ultimate Blader Jam Gameboy Advance cover

The results are in, and Beyblade Burst Rivals is officially the best Beyblade game of 2022!

It’s not often we get a mobile game appearing so high up our top ten lists, but this one of the best titles in the series by far!

This fast-paced puzzlethon based on Beyblade Burst sees players stepping into Valt Aoi’s world on a mission to become the world’s best blader.

I know that’s the premise of most of these games, but most of the Pokemon games have the same premise too!

Use increasingly more powerful Beys in a bid to overcome your opponents and get recognition on the world stage! Collect rare Beys, upgrade your collection, and build the ultimate arsenal utilising defensive and attacking moves to get that perfect ring out.

Graphically, Burst Rivals is superb. If you’re a big fan of the series, then having this game on your phone to play whenever the mood takes you will never get old.

With weekly tournaments to take part in and loads of techniques to unlock, there’s plenty for you to get stuck into!

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