Ranking The 10 Best Apple Bandai Pippin Games

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Fool of a Took! This isn’t an article about Hobbits eating apples; we’re here to look at the best Apple Bandai Pippin games of all time.

With only two games that ever launched in Europe and a measly 18 in the United States, the Apple Bandai Pippin could well be the most disappointing disaster of all time.

I know what you’re thinking; it’s not just about PAL and NTSC regions. This thing had lots of games that came out in Japan, but no one cared about those titles either…

The Apple Bandai Pippin reportedly sold 42,000 units. That’s seriously low; no wonder Apple have tried to forget all about this poor excuse for a console.

In fact, there were more accessories produced for the Pippin than the units themselves…

… I feel embarrassed for it!

Still, we wouldn’t be the world’s leading retro gaming website if we didn’t talk about this odd little console. I’ve listed 10 of the best Apple Bandai Pippin games below, some of which I had to go to the depths of Mordor to find out about.

It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it!

1. Super Marathon

Apple Bandai Pippin Super Marathon
image credit: apple

And finally, Super Marathon takes the top spot in this list of the best Apple Bandai Pippin games of all time!

Ok, it’s not the greatest trophy that one could ever hope to win, but maybe Apple should have thought of that before they made a console with very few games, most of them terrible!

image credit: apple

Super Marathon is essentially Marathon 1 and 2 in one game, though we’re going to focus on the first title as it’s my favourite (and it’s my list, so back off trolls!).

Marathon is an FPS game where players must stop aliens from taking over a ship called (you guessed it) the Marathon.

We’re huge fans of any game set in future outer space, and Marathon managed to combine shooting thrills with an epic storyline to keep players engaged. It stood out from the crowd back in the ’90s and actually won an award for the best multiplayer game!

The game has a Doom feel about it, and the 3D pre-rendered graphics the Pippin is known for look great.

The console might be terrible, but this is a game that’s definitely worth adding to your collection if you still refuse to live your life without a Pippin by your side.

2. Mr Potato Head Saves Veggie Valley

Mr Potato Head Saves Veggie Valley apple pippin

Mr Potato Head Saves Veggie Valley follows the story of the most unlikely video game hero of all time!

Well, I guess Spud topped our list of rare Gameboy games, so maybe potatoes are hardier than we think!

This game is short, and it’s more of an educational title than an adventure game. Still, it’s one of the best point and click titles out there and definitely one of the most fun titles on the Pippin… even though it’s designed for under 7s…

… we’re all just big kids though, right?

Mr Potato Head Saves Veggie Valley apple pippin

What could be better than a game where players change Mr Potato Head’s appearance while bringing clouds back to Veggie Valley, saving the residents from a pesky drought?

Solve puzzles with your daughter, Sweet Potato, and play mini games at the county fair (that’s the place with all the clouds).

The game features voice acting and lots of objects and people to interact with. It’s a pretty exciting game for fans of the world’s most famous Spudhead, and although it’s short, it’s fun while it lasts.

3. Power Rangers Zeo Versus The Machine Empire

Power Rangers Zeo Versus The Machine Empire game case

Power Rangers Zeo Versus The Machine Empire takes the bronze medal in this list of the best Apple Bandai Pippin games of all time!

Play as all five of the Power Rangers as they roam the streets in a side-scrolling adventure, beating back villains and laying the smackdown on big bosses.

Delve into dungeons to find shards of the Zeo Crystal, all the while hunting the minions of the Machine Empire.

Power Rangers Zeo Versus The Machine Empire apple pippin
image credit: apple

I’m very much a classic Power Rangers dude and still rep Jason, Billy, Kimberley, Zak, and Trini (remembered all those off by heart). Still, the Zeo Rangers are cool and definitely encapsulate everything I like about the franchise.

Play through different levels dedicated to the different crystal shards. Use all of their skills, abilities, and weapons to move through hazardous areas and defeat enemies.

4. The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime

The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime game case
image credit: apple

The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime sounds a little like a charity that Samus Aran might have made for underprivileged metroids.

It’s actually a remake of the original Journeyman Project game, one of Bandai’s most treasured works of the 90s.

If you liked the original game, then his has more of everything. We’re talking better graphics, improved sound, extra puzzles, and more movies to enjoy.

The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime gameplay
image credit: apple

For those unaware of the original, the game sees all of humankind working together in peace after the atrocities of a nuclear war.

Only when we decided to work together did aliens decide to contact us, giving us a chance to be in a special club of peaceful beings.

Once the game gets going, players take a time-travelling agent back and forth through the years in order to save the Earth.

To be honest, it sounds pretty nice as it it, despite the Nuclear pollution and all the destruction… Yeah, lets keep the love but save the world…

… I wonder how long that will last!

5. Racing Days

apple pippin Racing Days game case
image credit: apple

Racing Days is one of the best Apple Bandai Pippin games that actually looked promising at one point.

It’s a good old-fashioned racing game akin to Need for Speed and Sega Rally, and you know what; the graphics actually look pretty good!

Racing Days gameplay apple pippin
image credit: apple

Players race around inner-city tracks in rally cars. Beat your opponents in three laps to claim victory.

The courses aren’t too taxing and the cars are easy to manoeuvre, making this a nice game to just kick back with and one that doesn’t take too much brain power to complete.

Play single mode or race via network play with another console. It’s the only Pippin multiplayer game that NTSC gamers had a chance to play, so if your mates hate racing games, then you’re out of luck!

6. Dragon Ball Z Anime Designer

Dragon Ball Z Anime Designer game case
image credit: apple pippin

Sticking with the Anime theme, Dragon Ball Z Anime Designer is up next on our list of the best Bandai Pippin games of all time.

If you ever wished that Mario Paint, one of the best SNES games (and a title on an actual decent console) had more Dragon Ball Z content, then this game will be for you.

The concept is exactly the same; over 1000 images from the Dragon Ball Z world and Dragon Ball GT with colour cycling animation that creates the impression of making a moving image.

Dragon Ball Z Anime Designer
image credit: apple

Make your own Anime scenes with all of the best locations from the DBZ world. Create action at Kami’s Lookout or cause havoc down at the World Martial Arts Tournament.

The world is your oyster, as long as it falls within the parameters of the game and the 1000 included images, of course.

7. Gundam Tactics: Mobility Fleet 0079

Best Apple Bandai Pippin Games - Gundam Tactics: Mobility Fleet 0079 game case
image credit: apple

Gundam Tactics: Mobility Fleet 0079 takes the 7th spot in this list of the best Apple Bandai Pippin games of all time.

It’s essentially a space game about the Mobile Suit Gundam war, which instantly makes it a winner in my book.

For those not akin with the Mobile Suit Gundam anime series, its the first Gundam programme and follows a teenage mechanic who pilots a giant Mecha warrior in the war between Earth and Zeon.

Gundam Tactics: Mobility Fleet 0079 apple pippin gameplay
image credit: apple

The game itself is pretty hard to understand as all the text is integrated into the game itself and doesn’t change despite altering language settings.

So, unless you understand Japanese, you’re a little bit stuck!

As a result, I can’t tell you much about the storyline. Still, the battles are cool and there’s lots of ‘looking around inside spaceships’ while preparing for an attack which is always cool. It’s like a futuristic episode of Grand Designs!

8. Gadget: Invention, Travel & Adventure

Best Apple Bandai Pippin Games - Gadget: Invention, Travel, Adventure game case
image credit: apple

Gadget: Invention, Travel, Adventure is another kettle of fish entirely, however. This is another game by Haruhiko Shono and one that really works. Plus, it has a great storyline to sink your teeth into.

I’ll say one thing for the Apple Bandai Pippin; the 3D pre-rendered graphics looked great, almost animated movie-like at times.

Gadget is one of the most interactive games on the console and sees players living in a future where technology from the past is still the norm…

… a bit like me still using an iPhone 7…

Gadget: Invention, Travel & Adventure apple pippin
image credit: apple

So what’s the deal with this retro tech then?

Well, that’s not actually the main pull of the game. The main character is essentially a secret agent trying to find a missing scientist.

There’s lots of cool spy elements such as suitcases filled with gadgets, secret briefings, and lots of train journeys, which is how I imagine most spies get around.

Speak to NPCs and get information from them about the missing scientist. There’s often a puzzle to solve in order to get the characters to spill the beans too, so you better have your Professor Layton hat on!

9. L-Zone

Apple Pippin L-Zone game case
image credit: apple

Up next is L-Zone, a game that basically takes point and click gameplay to the very limits.

Imagine MYST on a console that didn’t sell very well with long, drawn out sequences thrown into the mix, and you’ll have an idea as to what L-Zone is all about.

It’s made by the legendary Haruhiko Shono which means that I should love it, but sadly it’s just not my cup of tea…

Apple Pippin L-Zone l-zone gameplay

I should cut L-Zone some slack. This scene with the tunnel-travelling graphic has some groovy 90s music on it, and the various stages are set out nicely.

It’s one for fans of escape rooms and puzzle solving. There’s not much action to get wrapped up in and it’s definitely not one that you and your mates are going to get excited over on an evening.

Still, it’s one of the best of a bad bunch, so if you’re determined to get an Apple Bandai Pippin, then put this on your list.

10. Exotic Sushi

Exotic Sushi bandai apple pippin
image credit: apple

Ok, so Exotic Sushi might not be the best game in the universe or even one of the best Apple Bandai Pippin games, but there was no way I wasn’t going to include it.

This game only came out in North America, and the whole premise is based around everyone’s favourite raw fish dish.

Unless you don’t like Sushi, in which case this is a disgusting game and you should just carry on scrolling…

image credit: apple

Exotic Sushi teaches you all about how to make and enjoy sushi. We’re not talking about the rubbish you get from your local supermarket either; this is real tasty stuff that will impress your mates.

It’s basically an interactive cooking book with some history thrown in and instructional videos.

So… YouTube, basically.

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