Every Bat Pokemon Ranked [Complete List]

Get ready to swoop from the ceiling doing your best Count Dracula voice, because it’s time to check out the best Bat Pokemon of all time!

Bat Pokemon like to lurk in dark places and suck the life out of you. My housemate Fliss also does the same thing, but thats a different story for another article.

Anyone who’s been through Mount Moon in Pokemon Red or Blue will remember these little critters jumping out on you every… single… second.

It got a little annoying, and I remember buying so many repels from the Poke Mart that I was almost bankrupt.

Still, these guys are shouldn’t just be thought of as annoying nuisances; Bat Pokemon have some amazing stats and make a great addition to any team.

Unlike Fliss, who just steals my coffee.

So, without further ado, let’s rank the 10 best winged-terrors and find out which came top!

10. Zubat

Zubat - Best Bat Pokemon

Let’s kick things off with the most annoying Pokemon that continually attacked me all the time while playing Pokemon Red, Zubat.

The original bat Pokemon from the 1st Generation of Pokemon is perhaps the most remembered of the bunch, though definitely not fondly!

It’s a pretty weak Pokemon across the board, with 45 HP, 35 defence, and a measly special attack of 35.

Still, without Zubat, we wouldn’t have two other big hitters up in this list, so it does have its uses!

9. Noibat

Noibat is a cute looking bat, it’s got to be said. But it’s evolution (which you’ll be seeing a little later on), is much more of a bruiser.

They grow up so fast!

Like Zubat, Noibat isn’t an impressive Bat Pokemon stats wise. 40 HP, 30 attack and 35 defence isn’t going to win many matches.

It’s speed isn’t that great either, flapping in at a paltry 55.

I guess we need to give it a bit of slack; we don’t want to make it cry!

8. Woobat

Woobat - Best Bat Pokemon

Woobat brings the heat a little more than its smaller counterparts. Where Zubat and Noibat are slow, Woobat has a speed of 72, zooming past its competitors.

And, it looks like it could be an extra in a rock concert, which always helps in my book!

With more HP, wombat can last longer than Zubat and Nubat in battle, but still, there’s still nothing special with regards to attack and defence.

It’s biggest stat other than speed and HP is its special attack, rocking up at 55.

Air cutter can definitely cut the opposition down, however, and with that speed, there’s a good chance you’re going to make the first hit in battle!

7. Swoobat

From Woobat to Swoobat, our furry-friend’s evolution knocks the speed up from 72 to 114, a brilliant base stat and a speedy critter for anyone looking to strike first.

Swoobat’s attack and defence stats are still little to be desired at both at 57 and 55 respectively, but with a special attack of 77, there’s a better chance of pulling off some mild devastation in battle.

Let’s look at moves. As a Psychic and Flying type Pokemon, Swoobat can pull out moves like Future Sight, Acrobatics, Roost, and Expanding Force.

Add Psychic Fangs and Shadow Ball into the mix, and this little ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ Bat Pokemon becomes a bona fide thug!

6. Gligar

Gligar - Best Bat Pokemon

Gligar is one of the coolest looking Bat Pokemon out there, and it’s 105 defence stat makes it a great little fighter who can chip away at opponents while taking big hits.

With 85 speed and 75 attack, Gligar is definitely capable of being a regular Pokemon that you bring out time and time again and not just an Experience Point sponge in your 6th team slot.

Gligar is technically a scorpion, but it flies through the air with wings like a bat.

So with that logic, I’m putting it down as a bat!

Poison Sting, Knock Off, and Quick Attack are three hardy moves that will work against a variety of low-level Pokemon in the early stages of any game lucky enough to host this gliding, jabbing, stinging legend.

5. Golbat

Here he is folks, the other original Bat Pokemon from Pokemon Red and Blue.

With a mouth bigger than the caves you’ll find him in, Golbat has a great range of moves designed to suck the HP right out of you.

And with a base HP of 75, it’s going to be doing it quite a lot!

Speed is everything with Golbat, with a strong base stat of 90 allowing it to get the front foot… ir claw, in most situations.

Leech Life and Fly are two staples for Golbat, as is the ever-annoying Confuse Ray.

But hey, it’s not annoying if you use it on someone else!

4. Gliscor

Gliscor - Best Bat Pokemon

Gliscor looks a little more like a scorpion than it’s base level evolution Gligar, but then those wings look even more bat like.

Make your mind up what you wanna be, pal!

We’re really getting into the creme de la creme of Bat Pokemon now; Gliscor has an attack of 95 and a defence of 125, perfect for taking knocks from big foes and legendaries.

Ok, you might need a few potions on board, but with 95 base speed, you’ll definitely get a fair few hits in before any thought of a K.O.

The only disappointing thing about Gliscor is a poor special attack of just 45, but I’m not going to say anything to it… have you seen that sting!

3. Noivern

Noivern should be able to hear you coming a mile off with those ears, so make sure you’re being sneaky when you’re trying to catch one.

Off the bat (joke intended), Noivern is a fast critter. With 123 speed and 97 special attack, he can swoop in and make a devastating move before the opposition has time to react.

The rest of its base stats are average, but that doesn’t mean that you should count it off just yet. 85 HP, 80 defence and special defence aren’t to be sniffed at.

Its attack of 70 isn’t amazing, but with moves like Hurricane and Boomburst, it’s a serious beast that shouldn’t be underestimated.

2. Crobat

Crobat - Best Bat Pokemon

How can this little bat be more powerful than Noivern, I hear you ask? Well, Crobat is faster with 130 speed and has an attack of 90.

Crobat shares the same defence and special defence as Noivern, but with an attack of 90, you’ve got a better chance of knocking down an enemies HP.

Who is this Crobat? From whence did it come?

Well, Crobat is the new evolution of Golbat. It’s smaller but packs a bigger punch. Just get your Golbat to a high level friendship level in Pokemon Gold or upwards and voila, watch as it turns into Crobat!

1. Lunala

It had to be, didn’t it? Lunala takes the top spot in this best bat Pokemon list bringing dark and spooky vibes to your Pokemon team.

Anyone that hasn’t checked out the most impressive of all Bat Pokemon really hasn’t lived. This genderless Bat Pokemon appeared in Pokemon Sun and Moon and is pretty much how I think Zubat wishes it could look.

As a Psychic and Ghost Type Pokemon, it has some epic moves to add to its 137 base HP and matching 137 special attack.

So it’s defence is low at 89, but I think most Pokemon would probably want to keep their distance, which is defence enough!

An attack of 113 redeems it though, as does a special defence of 107. And that’s all base level before you start messing around with souping up those stats!

So there you have it; Lunala is the best and strongest Bat Pokemon of all time, and I don’t think we’re brave enough to ever move it from the top spot!

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