8bitdo Gbros Makes Real GameCube Controllers Work On Switch

8bitdo Gbros

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The Gbros device from 8bitdo allows players to use an original GameCube controller on their Nintendo Switch.

Of course, GameCube peripherals are no stranger to the Nintendo Switch console. Companies have been doing their best to give us GameCube inspired options on Switch for years now.

The Retro-Bit Legacy GC, Retro Fighters Duelist, RetroFlag Switch Controller (that’s a lot of “retro”s), the NYXI Wizard and the CRKD Nitro Deck all offered recent options. We even had to make a list of the best GameCube controllers for Switch.

But do you ever just wish you could use the real thing again?

Well thankfully, 8bitdo felt the exact same way. And has delivered yet another must-have device that we all need in our collections.

8bitdo Gbros

8bitdo Gbros
Image Source: 8bitdo

So how does the 8bitdo Gbros device work? It’s not like we can plug our GameCube controller right into the Switch.

Well, why not create a wireless device that does have a controller port from the beloved home console of days gone?

We saw the first promo photos and that iconic indigo colorway of the Gbros and assumed it was only for GameCube controllers.

Well, we were very wrong. The Gbros device actually allows for GameCube, NES, SNES, SFC Classic Edition and Wii Classic controllers… with a catch.

I was confused about this, because the device does not have a bunch of ports all over it.

But they did clarify that the Gbros is compatible with any third part controller that has a Wii Classic controller plug or GameCube controller plug.

8bitdo Gbros
Image Source: 8bitdo

Nonetheless, still an insanely awesome little device for massive GameCube fans who would love to use that controller configuration on games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or any of the best GameCube games on Switch.

It conveniently has a built in home and screenshot button for your Switch use as well.

The Gbros is compatible with all Switch models, and Windows PCs via bluetooth connection (very likely MacOS as well, but not advertised).

Purchasing Information

8bitdo Gbros
Image Source: 8bitdo

The 8bitdo Gbros controller adapter device is available on Amazon.

The simple yet effective device retails for only $24.99USD. A very small price to pay for such a large improvement to our Switch experience.

With our GameCube-esque peripheral collection growing at a rapid rate, why not throw one more into the mix. Now we just gotta locate our actual GameCube Controllers!

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