3 Best GameCube-Like Controllers For Nintendo Switch (All Reviewed)

best gamecube controllers for nintendo switch

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Looking for the best GameCube controllers for Switch? Luckily, you have happened upon the right place!

Is there any controller better than the GameCube pad? Ok, forget the PS5’s Haptic Touch; I’m talking about simple, down to earth, proper controllers.

The Sega Genesis/Mega Drive comes close, but the GameCube pad was, for me, by far the best.

It fit in your hands perfectly, the buttons were all spaced out well, and after the achy claw-hand days of the N64, it felt like a proper breath of fresh air.

So, it’s no wonder you’re here looking for the best GameCube controllers for Switch. When those tiny joycons can’t cut it, you’ve just gotta’ call in the big guns!

Let’s take a look at the best GameCube controllers for Switch and find out which one will suit you best!

1. RetroFlag Gamecube Controller

retroflag gamecube controller

This controller was released in late 2022 by Retro Flag, and as you can tell it takes the Gamecube’s nostalgic colour combo and analogue sticks into consideration.

This is purely a controller that must be attached to your Nintendo Switch in order to work, as it takes power from the console itself and cannot work wirelessly.

It works with the original Nintendo Switch and the newer OLED model, however, please take care installing it, as it requires a snipers accuracy to get the USB-C connected at the bottom.

That aside, it’s an incredibly comfortable controller, with ergonomics targeted to adult hands and PD fast charging port to speed up charging.

The buttons are perfectly placed and feature subtle nods to the Gamecube controller, for example it features the small yellow “C-Stick”, green and red action buttons, soft long press shoulder buttons and a dark transparent purple shell.

The only thing we would add is the octagonal analogue stick on the c-stick. This would go perfectly with the hall joysticks (which stop drift).

It’s an all-round great affordable controller for the Nintendo Switch, even if you’re solely using it in handheld mode, but it’s worth it!

2. Retro Fighters BattlerGC

retro fighters battlergc

The BattlerGC is one of the newest controllers on this list, it’s built by Retro Fighters to give Nintendo Switch gamers a nostalgic hint of Gamecube love, all while being ergonomically comfortable.

Not only that, this controller is compatible with the Gamecube, Wii/Wii U, Steam Deck and your PC, making it an all round great purchase if you have multiple consoles.

It features pressure sensitive buttons, 2.4Ghz wireless technology, vibration feedback, a wireless range of over 30 feet and USB-C charging.

The action buttons are laid out just like the original Gamecube, and the shoulder buttons are slightly flared at the back and nice to touch.

The D-PAD is also lovely for fighting games, with each individual direction giving feedback to your fingers when pressed, allowing you to kick butt in those fighting games.

But, why I loved it the most is simply because of how comfortable it is. The buttons are located perfectly, and the roundedness matched with the nice weight makes it a good controller for long gaming sessions.

3. NYXI Wizard

nyxi wizard nintendo switch controller

NYXI Wizard is a controller that has caused a lot of hype across social media, it’s the joy-cons that everyone has wanted for a long time.

Finally, someone has had the balls to do it, even if it may attract unwanted attention by Nintendo.

These are wireless joy-cons for the Switch, designed just like the old Gamecube controller. It’s a first of its kind and keeps the original design as closely as possible.

It works best when attached to your Nintendo Switch as its a little in-accurate, uncomfortable and has low build quality when playing wirelessly.

But attached is where it performs best. The long grips give you good grip as this does add a lot of length to your Switch, making it bigger than a Steam Deck.

It features removable analogue stick caps, allowing to add the octagon or rounded effect depending on play-style, turbo functions, you can change vibration settings on each joy-con and fast triggers.

These “fast triggers” are basically buttons that sit close to the contacts, meaning a small bit of pressure activates them.

For me this is slightly annoying, but it’s aimed at those that play competitively.

Overall, it’s a great take on Gamecube joy-cons, but do be aware that the build quality isn’t the best.

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