Who Is The Best Character In Mario Kart 64?

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Get ready to discuss one of the most hotly anticipated questions on the internet; who is the best Mario Kart 64 character?

Tough one, right?

Everyone has their own opinion as to who is the best racer. We’ve all got our own allegiances to our favourite characters from or favourite series, and some of us won’t even care about weight or handling.

Hey, if you love Wario Land, you’re not going to give a damn that Wazza is built like a brick sh… I mean, outhouse.

So, before the trolls come a-knocking, this is my opinion as to who is the best character in Mario Kart 64, having spent years playing as all of them individually and doing my own research into cornering, acceleration, and handling.

Yeah, I should probably get out more!

Who Is The Best Mario Kart 64 Character?

Yoshi is the best Mario Kart 64 character.

There, I’ve said it. Yoshi is the perfect character; he’s got it all.

Not only is he quick on the straights, but he’s not as light as Toad and still has great handling.

Plus, I deny anyone to say that Yoshi isn’t the cutest dude on the track too. How could you blast him with a blue shell!

Yoshi has the best acceleration when he’s been attacked and consistently covers ground better than the other players.

I’ve used every character more times than I can count, but he’s the one I always go back to!

Who is the best Character in Mario Kart 64 - Bowser and Toad on the Retro Dodo background

Who Is The Toughest Mario Kart 64 Character?

Bowser is the toughest Mario Kart 64 character. Weirdly, he’s also one of the fastest racers too.

Bowser is capable of pulling off fast speeds and is tough enough to knock other racers out of the way in the process.

He doesn’t need a red shell to be menacing; he comes with his own shell… and claws… and sharp teeth!

Bowser’s handling isn’t amazing, but if you drive a little haphazardly anyway and want to use that to your advantage, then follow the ‘go big or go home’ mentality.

Who Is The Best All-Rounder In Mario Kart 64?

Mario is the best all-rounder in Mario Kart 64.

He had to be, didn’t he – his name is on the box, for crying out loud!

Mario is most people’s choice of character if they’re new to the game. People assume that he’s the best because it’s his game, but he’s actually a pretty good all-rounder that people learn the game with.

He’s great at everything, from acceleration after being tanked by a banana to drifting around corners (check out our article on how to drift in Mario Kart 64 if you don’t know how).

Mario doesn’t have enough to knock Yoshi off the top spot, but he’s a solid choice if you just want a good player that excels equally in all areas.

And that’s a wrap!

Thanks for checking out this article on who is the best character in Mario Kart 64! We hope that you don’t have an aversion to clog-wearing dinosaurs and that you and Yoshi will have lots of fun together after the N64 & Sega Switch Online subscription drops later this year.

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