Watch All Of The Iconic Legend Of Zelda Cartoon Series On Amazon With Freevee

Two clips from the Legend Of Zelda cartoon

If you’re into your retro gaming (which everyone reading this first sentence should be), then you’ve no doubt seen the notorious Legend of Zelda memes floating around the internet. You know the ones, where Link is a bit seedy and ends up saying ‘Well, excuse me, Princess” way too many times to the point where you start to think that he’s a bit of a dweeb? Well, you can now watch the entire Legend of Zelda series on Freevee via Amazon Prime!

The whole first season is available to watch for free on Prime Video, and for a huge Zelda fan like me, this haphazard cartoon with a comedic Link is, while a little cringy at points, fantastic to watch. I put it in line with the weird original Lord of the Rings cartoon with the larger-than-life Gandalf or the Mario Movie starring Bob Hoskins & John Leguizamo; it’s an odd experience watching it (especially with the really strange version Bowser in the Mario film), but it’s something that Nintendo fans need to experience once in their lifetime.

If you’ve never seen the Zelda cartoon series, then here’s the official blurb to tempt you in. “Based on the hugely successful action-adventure video game the animated TV series features the adventures of hero, Link and Princess Zelda as they defend the kingdom of Hyrule from an evil wizard named Ganon.” Experience Spring Cleaning at Hyrule Castle, fight a Gleeok, explore the underworld, and protect a water park.

Yes, it’s absolutely mad from start to finish, but hey, you definitely won’t forget it. Cynthia Preston is absolutely incredible as Zelda, and it’s nice to see a series where Zelda is so decisive, taking names and dishing out pain. Jonathan Potts might look back on his whiny rendition of Link with a little unease these days, however; maybe that’s the reason why Link doesn’t say anything in the games! Watch all 13 episodes on Prime Video now!

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