Toyota Creates Real Life Pokémon Miraidon Motorcycle

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I’ve been a biker for almost ten years now, but I’ve never seen anything like the real-life Pokémon Miraidon motorcycle that Toyota has created!

Toyota’s motorcycle is based on the Miraidon, a Legendary Pokémon introduced in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet in November 2022.

Several photographs of the Miraidon Project were shared in the Pokémon subreddit by user LordDremy.

Toyota Pokémon Miraidon Motorcycle
image credit: lordDremy/reddit/toyota

The photos show an exquisite real-life replica of the Legendary Miraidon, including its distinctive purple colour scheme, jet boosts, and claws.

Closer inspection of the bike suggests that it’s, unfortunately, not actually rideable, as the purple and yellow wheel covers are squared off, presumably allowing the full-size machine to rest on the floor without toppling over.

Practicalities aside, The Toyota Pokémon Miraidon Motorcycle captures the Legendary monsters’ eyes with LED lights and includes its prominent antennae and facial features as a makeshift windshield.

A schematic of the the new Toyota motorcycle seems to suggest that the Miraidon Project could in fact have wheels hidden with the rear legs, making this Pokémon a tricycle, rather than a standard two-wheeled motorbike.

Toyota Pokémon Miraidon Motorcycle schematic poster
image credit: lordDremy/reddit/toyota


Miraidon in Pokémon Scarlet

The boffins at the Toyota Engineering Society have a history of developing projects based on pop culture.

The team worked alongside Toyota’s Lexus division to create a hoverboard, similar to the one piloted by Marty McFly in Back To The Future: Part II, in 2015.

Of course, Toyota’s Miraidon Pokémon Motorcycle isn’t a vehicle to immortalise the loveable pocket monsters. Car manufacturer Mini, revealed a Pokémon themed concept car during Gamescom back in 2022.

Other promotional Pokémon vehicles include a PT Cruiser modelled after Lugia and Volkswagon produced a handful of Pikachu-flavoured Beetles known as the Pikabug.

Would I trade in my trusty Yamaha TDM 850 for a Toyota Miraidon Pokémon Motorcycle? Absolutely! As soon as Toyota rounds off those wheels and makes this thing road-legal!

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