TMNT X Lush Collaboration Makes You Smell Like A Hero In A Half Shell

TMNT Lush Collab - shop front and products

I was walking through town this morning with my girlfriend and started to swerve slightly towards Lush. She loves going in; it’s become a fun part of our routine when we head into the city, and the only thing I was worried about was a batch of bath products fizzing up in my pocket on the way home from all the rain. What I wasn’t prepared for, however, was for her to carry on walking and me to do a triple take (yes, triple) when I saw some of my favourite gaming heroes in the window. Yes, there’s a TMNT X Lush collaboration in full swing, and I want to smell like a hero in a half-shell!

Of course, these products are going to make you smell a whole lot better than some sewer-dwelling turtles, but the packaging stays incredibly true to the series with manhole covers, the iconic yellow bus, and pizza box/pizza shops in honour of Michelangelo’s love of a nice tasty slice.

TMNT lush products

The products on offer are incredible and there’s something for every TMNT fan. There’s Peace, Love, and Pizza for those wanting a slice of dissolvable Pizza (right on the pic below) that smells like lemongrass, benzoin, tonka, and vanilla, and the four brothers themselves complete with their trademark masks which all smell like lemongrass, bergamot, and coconut. Check out Michelangelo having a dip below!

Turtle Power Never Smelled So Good

Michelangelo and Pizza Lush products for the TMNT Lush crossover

There’s a shower jelly Krang, a Turtle Power body scrub, face cloths, and much more in the limited edition collection, with items priced from £6.50 to £15. Lush delivers worldwide; if you’re reading this in the UK then you can take advantage of click-and-collect, but if you’re outside of the UK then you can still get these delivered straight to your door!

One of the best bits about this collection is that these are low-plastic packaging products too, meaning you can save the environment just like the Turtles save the people of New York City. We’ll be getting hold of these products and putting them to the test for you, so get ready to see Brandon in the bath with Donatello… a sentence I never thought I would write down.

This isn’t the first Turtles collab we’ve written about recently either; remember the Xbox controllers that smelled like pizza and the epic Transformers crossover? The turtles certainly get around!

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