Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles X Transformers Crossover Announced By Hasbro

Teenage Miutant Ninja Turtles character (left) and transformed into the Party Wagon (right)

Autobots… cowabunga! Hasbro has just announced an amazing crossover from two of the best franchises of the 80s, with the heroes in a half-shell merging with the Autobots for transforming turtle shenanigans!

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles X Transformers crossover sees our favorite sewer-dwelling superheroes taking on a much blockier form, with a shell that looks more like fortified armour than their usual trusty carapace.

The ‘Transformers x TMNT Party Wallop mash-up pack’ features a 7″ figurine with four different heads, all of which are incredibly detailed. And, in just twenty moves, you can turn a turtle into a Party Wagon

I bet that’s a sentence you didn’t think you’d be reading when you woke up this morning!

A Pizza Party Wallop With The Teenage Mutant Transformer Turtles

Four TMNT Transformer figures in Turtle mode
Credit: Hasbro

Just look how cool those figurines are! Each turtle has their usual weapons to take into battle with them including their characteristic headbands, but they look more jacked up than Batman and ready to fight crime.

One minute these transforming turtles can be stopping bad guys, the next they’re speeding away from the scene in Party Wagon mode in a brilliant replica of the iconic vehicle from the 80s cartoon

Each pack contains a main ‘Party Wallop figurine’, which is the main yellow and green transforming Turtle body that you can see in the picture above, as well as four heads, and the trademark Turtle weapons.

The pack itself costs $49.99 and is available to pre-order from Big Bad Toy Store, which could be the coolest name for a toy store ever.

If I’m being honest, I would have loved to have had four bodies with their own heads; the promotional images are a little deceiving, but if you’re a Turtles or Transformers fan, this crossover will more than be worth the money.

And, Big Bad Toy Store does big bad international delivery too, so fans in the UK and Europe can get in on the act as well!

Go Go Turtle Rangers

TMNT vs Power Rangers figurines - Blue and Black rangers
Credit: Hasbro

This isn’t the first crossover that the Turtles have featured in recently, with the Teenage Mutants getting the Power Rangers treatment in a crossover that makes me feel like I’m a child all over again.

This two-pack, currently priced at $34.99, features Donatello and Leonardo in Dino Fury Ranger form with two sets of heads – helmet on or their usual turtle heads. With extra pairs of hands, epic weapons, and the ability to show off their helmets when not wearing them to brag about how cool they are, this set is undoubtedly the coolest toy to ever come out of Angel Grove.

Both of these Turtles sets are pumped so full of nostalgia. I never knew that I needed them or thought that they should even be a thing until I saw them, but now I can’t get enough of them. I’m excited to see what Hasbro comes up with next, but for now, I’m hitting that pre-order button and taking advantage of the international shipping service!

They’ll definitely be joining me as I tackle my favourite Turtles games from here on out!

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