New Sonic LEGO Sets for 2024 Appear To Leak Online

That dastardly LEGO Eggman must be up to his old tricks again as four new Sonic LEGO sets for 2024 appear to have leaked online. Well known LEGO leaker ‘mtdbricks’ posted the names, prices and product numbers for several new sets inspired by the Sonic franchise on their Instagram. A fourth set aimed at older […]

First Look at Knuckles And Rouge In Leaked Sonic LEGO Sets

We’ve finally had our first look at the Knuckles and Rouge LEGO sets from a leaked image of the upcoming Shadow’s Escape LEGO set. The Shadow’s Escape LEGO set is due for release in January but it appears Shadow has broken loose early as the new sets are starting to circulate out in the wild. […]

5 Brand New Sonic LEGO Sets Revealed By SEGA & LEGO

Big the cat is out of the bag – we’re getting 5 new and amazing Sonic LEGO sets coming to Retro Dodo Towers, and you know that we’re going to hardly leave the building for the next couple of weeks while we build them! We’re still waiting for a Retro Dodo Towers set to be […]