Atari Reveals The Return Of The 2600 Console

Atari 2600+

Atari has just announced the return of their flagship 2600 home console, newly enhanced and upgraded as the Atari 2600+. The addition of the plus (+) in the title suggests that this new iteration of the 2600 comes with added functionality. So let’s take a look at this return of a classic and see what […]

Grid Studio Releases A New Framed Super Famicom Controller Edition

Grid Studio Super Famicom

Grid Studio has just announced a brand new product to their line of framed technology, this time the beautiful Super Famicom controller. Retro Fans will surely agree that this is one of the most beautiful and perfect pieces of gaming hardware ever created. I have hundreds of hours logged on the SNES controller playing some […]

Limited Edition Evercade VS Atomic Edition Revealed (Only 2000 Units)

Evercade VS Atomic Edition

The newest entry in Evercade’s VS console lineup is a brand new Atomic Edition, inspired by 80s and 90s action movies and video games. As someone who grew up in that golden era, I have to say that this bundle is looking quite “radical” and “gnarly”! For those who don’t understand the slang, that means […]

Sharpin Ultra Digital Pinball Machine Review

sharpin ultra pinball review

When Sharpin offered the chance for me to review one of their digital pinball machines, I jumped at the chance – I’ve been a big fan of pinball since I was very young. My interest – and access to a wide variety of new tables – peaked in the early 90s, when some of the […]

Evercade VS Review – A Modern Day Console That Takes… Cartridges?

evercade vs

The Evercade VS is a new retro games console from the talented team behind the original Evercade known as Blaze Entertainment. Instead of niching to handhelds, they have now moved into the world of home consoles allowing the retro gaming scene to be even more inclusive in a world when modern games are coming out […]

Super Console X Review – A Ready To Go Pre-Loaded Retro Console

super console x

The world of retro gaming is forever changing, and China’s release of the Super Console X proves that a demand for cheap, high performing “naughty” consoles is on the rise. The Super Console X is an affordable, retro games console that can emulate a majority of your favourite retro video games. Many readers may look […]