Limited Edition Evercade VS Atomic Edition Revealed (Only 2000 Units)

Evercade VS Atomic Edition

The newest entry in Evercade’s VS console lineup is a brand new Atomic Edition, inspired by 80s and 90s action movies and video games.

As someone who grew up in that golden era, I have to say that this bundle is looking quite “radical” and “gnarly”! For those who don’t understand the slang, that means that the Evercade VS Atomic Edition is looking very appealing.

And if you’ve ever been curious about Evercade and their line of consoles, this might be the best time to check them out.

They have both home and portable consoles, along with a growing line of licensed game titles of some of the best retro franchises.

Check out their entire cartridge lineup, because you’d probably be quite surprised at how many are available, with many more coming in the near future.

Today’s home console launch is quite special, and it is also limited edition. So let’s take a look before they are gone!

Evercade VS Atomic Edition

Evercade VS Atomic Edition
Image Source: Evercade

As you can see, the new Atomic Edition of the Evercade VS console looks pretty hardcore.

Evercade says that this special edition was inspired by “the iconic action-packed movies and games of the 80s and 90s”. Definitely giving strong Stallone and Schwarzenegger energy.

But of course, the perfect representation for the console is its main source of inspiration: Duke Nukem.

In fact, this set comes bundled with two Duke Nukem cartridge collections. The games included in those two collections are:

  • Duke Nukem Remastered
  • Duke Nukem II Remastered
  • Duke Nukem 3D
  • Duke Nukem: Time to Kill
  • Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes
  • Duke Nukem Advance

So it sounds like you’ll have many hours of action-packed game play on your brand new Atomic Evercade.

The Atomic Edition VS console also comes with two wired Evercade controllers that have a matching Atomic theme.

Along with a certificate of authenticity and digital code to access the Atomic Edition Evercade VS theme and LED Light color mode for the console.

Evercade VS Details

Image Source: Evercade

The Evercade VS is a retro inspired home video game console that features dual cartridge slots and four wired controller ports.

Evercade has always waved the “retro” flag loud and proud. And everything about the design of the VS console, its controllers, and the game cartridges are a throwback to 80s and 90s video game hardware design.

Something that gives us that magical feeling of our childhood when we had real Sega, Atari, and Nintendo hardware at our finger tips.

Many retro themed companies try to recreate that feeling, but few come as close as Evercade does. They just get it. Which is why we love supporting them.

Purchasing Information

The Evercade VS Atomic Edition is currently available for pre-order at £119.99 GBP (or about $149 usd).

And these pre-oder items are expected to ship around November of 2023.

Evercade only plans on making 2000 units of this one. So you’d better jump on this one quick!

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