Grid Studio Releases A New Framed Super Famicom Controller Edition

Grid Studio Super Famicom

Grid Studio has just announced a brand new product to their line of framed technology, this time the beautiful Super Famicom controller.

Retro Fans will surely agree that this is one of the most beautiful and perfect pieces of gaming hardware ever created.

I have hundreds of hours logged on the SNES controller playing some of the best SNES games.

And to see it framed like it were on display at a museum is something I think is a fitting honor.

Grid Super Famicom

Grid Studio Super Famicom
Image Source: Grid Studio

Grid Studio products are all hand placed on their custom design backdrops. And the exploded view gives us a great insight into how these works of art actually function.

The framed Super Famicom controller look super cool in the custom backing designed by Grid Studio in this new edition.

The backing has a really fun design with the rainbow pattern exploding behind it. Obviously inspired by the rainbow colored SNES logo and the buttons on the controller.

There’s even a cute little pixel Link and Goomba in there!

That is an original Super Famicom controller used in the product as well, nothing fake about it. So if you look close, you might see some actual wear from years of loving use.

The size of the framed product is 13in x 13in x 1.8in. So it will look roughly like a framed vinyl record on your wall.


Grid Studio Super Famicom
Image Source: Grid Studio

The Grid Super Famicom framed controller sells for $179.00 USD, and is also currently on sale at $149.00 USD.

So if you wanna grab your own framed SNES controller, now might be the time!

Grid’s whole mission statement is about preservation and collection of tech that holds sentimental memories.

And undoubtedly the Super Famicom controller has millions who have some pretty deep memories tie directly to it. Including me!

So this is an awesome new product to include in Grid’s line, and I’d love to have one hanging on my wall.

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