New Mario Gameboy Games For Nintendo Switch Online Revealed On MAR10 Day

3 gameboy game cases on a red background

MAR10 Day is well underway, and after the news of LEGO Mario Kart coming up and three new LEGO sets, I thought that the announcements really couldn’t get any better. But, Mazza and Nintendo know how to pull at our nostalgic heart strings, and they’ve released three classic Mario Gameboy games onto Nintendo Switch Online […]

Something Exciting Is Coming From LEGO For MAR10 Day

Mar10 Day LEGO drop

A short video on the official LEGO YouTube channel has made us incredibly excited for more Mario sets dropping on MAR10 day. The video is barely 5 seconds long, but with Mario sound effects and a confused-looking presenter saying ‘how did they get in?’, it’s incredibly intriguing. Who are they, and how did they get […]

Lego Announces Exciting New Mario Sets For MAR10 Day


In the first ever LEGO X Mario Youtube stream in celebration of MAR10 Day, we got some awesome new Mario related LEGO announcements. Obviously, the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie means tons of new merchandising opportunities. And LEGO is no stranger to Nintendo crossover products. So let’s take a look at everything announced in today’s […]

Super Mario Bros. Movie Final Trailer Revealed!

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Nintendo revealed the third and final trailer for the Super Mario Bros. Movie as part of MAR10 celebrations. And it was freakin’ awesome. The trailer was full of exciting details. Everything was bigger, more detailed, featured more of the cast, and showed off everything we have to look forward to in the film. Illumination has […]

LEGO Has Exciting Mar10 Day Announcements Planned

Lego has announced that they have some exciting updates & reveals incoming on International Mario Day, which is March 10th aka MAR10 Day. We have already heard about a new Mario Switch Bundle, as well as Nintendo’s plans to show us the final trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie on that day. It’s hard […]