Lego Announces Exciting New Mario Sets For MAR10 Day


In the first ever LEGO X Mario Youtube stream in celebration of MAR10 Day, we got some awesome new Mario related LEGO announcements.

Obviously, the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie means tons of new merchandising opportunities.

And LEGO is no stranger to Nintendo crossover products.

So let’s take a look at everything announced in today’s MAR10 premiere video from Lego:

1. Bowser’s Castle

Image Source: LEGO

First up was a special Bowser Castle set that includes an imprisoned Toad and a white “Dry” Bowser.

There’s even a small home gym section, where Bowser does his workouts. Yes, really.

That little white “Dry” Bowser looks pretty great, and would look really awesome addition to my personal Mario Lego collection.

And like all of the Mario Lego sets, there’s a bunch of little interaction opportunities built into the set.

2. The Mighty Bowser

Image Source: LEGO

They also gave us a breakdown of how Lego brought the Mighty Bowser to life.

Lego shared some original sketches and broke down how they were able to use exiting Lego pieces, as well as creating some new ones to create the final Bowser design.

It took nearly one year for the Lego team to bring their ideas to life.

And surely you’d agree – he looks absolutely incredible.

This was not a new product reveal, as we’ve seen him since last year. But cool to see, nonetheless.

3. King Sized Bowser

Image Source: LEGO

But Lego wasn’t quite done with the XL-sized Bowser creations.

Making a Bowser big enough to be the centerpiece of your bookshelf collection was small talk compared to what they did next.

It took a massive team and over 663,000 Lego bricks to build the 14-foot King Sized Bowser.

Bowser has started a world tour with stops at the San Diego Comic-Con, Cologne Gamescon, and Paris Games Week. We can also follow his tour at

4. Donkey Kong

Image Source: LEGO

One of the most exciting announcements from Lego for MAR10 day was a new Donkey Kong character!

Sadly, this portion of the video was short and sweet. Not a lot of details.

We just got a first look at the Donkey Kong character, and we know he’s coming “this summer”.

They also said that many new adventures and worlds are coming.

From what we see in the reveal, we know that Donkey Kong is not one of the “live” characters with built in displays and sounds.

He will likely come in one of the smaller supplementary sets that have a single character and smaller scene.

But it’s great to see Lego expanding their Mario universe and covering more characters.

Hey, you make something Mario/Nintendo related, and we’re gonna buy it. So keep doing your thing Lego.

You’re doing a great job!

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