Something Exciting Is Coming From LEGO For MAR10 Day

Mar10 Day LEGO drop

A short video on the official LEGO YouTube channel has made us incredibly excited for more Mario sets dropping on MAR10 day.

The video is barely 5 seconds long, but with Mario sound effects and a confused-looking presenter saying ‘how did they get in?’, it’s incredibly intriguing. Who are they, and how did they get in… and where did they get in?

By the sound of that door slamming in the video, I’m wondering if we’re about to see some more sets based on Bowser and/or his minions. I would love to get deeper into the LEGO Mario baddie universe and have a little LEGO Shy Guy with a moving face.

Let’s A’ Go Get More LEGO

LEGO Bowser's Muscle Car Expansion Set
Credit: Lego

The Mario LEGO empire is growing, and with the release of Animal Crossing sets and talk of a new Zelda LEGO set dropping soon, their partnership with Nintendo looks to be going from strength to strength.

MAR10 Day always has some neat surprises in store for us, and the video above dropped 6 days before the festivities begin at the time of writing.

Last MAR10 Day we received news of a Bowser’s Castle set as well as Donkey Kong joining the fray. We also saw the all-red Mario-themed Nintendo Switch which, while fun for Mazza fans, wasn’t anywhere near as exciting as getting some new LEGO sets!

But what will we see from a new LEGO MAR10 Day drop?

Rumours are rife on the internet, but we’re silently hoping for some Koopas or maybe Kamek and Baby Bowser getting their own figurines.

We’ve seen a LEGO Pirhana Plant and Bowser’s car making the cut, so all signs could be pointing to an evil revolution sweeping your living room floor. Viva la Bowser, King of the Koopas and the new King of (and on) the block!

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