Hands On: Higround’s Pokemon Mechanical Keyboard

pokemon higround keyboard

We have the privilege of taking an early look at Higround’s recently revealed Pokemon Mechanical Keyboards. Higround have collaborated with many brands in the retro gaming space recently, such as SEGA with their Sonic The Hedgehog collab, a recent Yu-Gi-Oh collaboration and now what is likely to be their biggest, Pokemon. Higround have been in […]

Higround Announces Long Awaited Pokemon Keyboard Collaboration

higround pokemon keyboard

Finally our answers have been heard, because Higround have just announced their fan-requested Pokemon keyboard line! It should go without saying that if there were one brand collaboration we’ve been wanting from Higround, it was The Pokémon Company. And Mario and Zelda and Chainsaw Man and One Piece… but I digress. Pokemon is surely the […]

Higround Announces NEW Yu-Gi-Oh! Collab Collection Keyboards

Higround x Yu-Gi-Oh!

Higround recently announced their exciting new Yu-Gi-Oh! keyboard collaboration, making manga, anime and trading card fans alike very happy. Of course, this is not the first time we’ve covered the amazing keyboards from Higround. Between the Street Fighter keyboards and the Sonic & Dreamcast mechanical keyboards, it’s hard to decide which is our favorite. Now […]

Higround Launches New Sonic & Dreamcast Mechanical Keyboards

higround sonic dreamcast keyboards

Sonic The Hedgehog has exploded in popularity over the last couple of years, thanks to the new movies and a handful of new games. With this comes new products from Higround. They have revealed a bunch of new Sonic The hedgehog and Dreamcast accessories for those that love pimping their desk setups. Higround are known […]