Higround Announces Long Awaited Pokemon Keyboard Collaboration

higround pokemon keyboard

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Finally our answers have been heard, because Higround have just announced their fan-requested Pokemon keyboard line!

It should go without saying that if there were one brand collaboration we’ve been wanting from Higround, it was The Pokémon Company.

And Mario and Zelda and Chainsaw Man and One Piece… but I digress.

Pokemon is surely the most requested brand flooding the Higround email inbox. And we’re very pleased with this first offering in celebration of our favorite pocket monsters. So let’s take a look!

Higround X Pokemon

Higround X Pokemon
Image Source: Higround

Higround will kick off their Pokemon collaboration with several unique keyboards from their familiar line of products.

They start the collab strong with their Base 65 model keyboards, featuring the iconic Poké Ball in two distinct designs, as well as appearances from Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise.

And to complete the set distinctly, their signature Summit 65 keyboard will feature the formidable Mewtwo.

If you’re looking to complete the look on your desk setup, there will also be a bunch of extra large deskmats featuring familiar Pokemon characters.

Higround X Pokemon
Image Source: Higround

Like their previous Yu-Gi-Oh!, Street Fighter, Sonic & Dreamcast collections, we can expect premium quality hardware with absolutely stunning dye-sub PBT keycaps.

Higound mechanical keyboards always feature RGB lighting with multiple light modes, hot-swappable switches to your liking, and a very solid base.

These are some of the best looking and best feeling keyboards out there. Especially if you like printed graphics from some of your favorite game and anime franchises. We cannot brag enough about Higround.

What Took Them So Long?

Higround has a series called “Epic Of Higround”, which has very strong Pokemon environment vibes. And we assumed that line was born from the desire to offer a Pokemon series, but they had trouble locking down the license.

But whatever the reason, we are obviously past that obstacle now!

Another thought I had about the new Pokemon line and past limited drops from Higround is that they do not always focus on the most popular characters from the brands they leverage.

As an example in today’s drop – we do not have a Pikachu keyboard, which would seem like an obvious slam dunk.

But I’ve concluded that Higround likes to focus on the unexpected, while still offering something solid to please the fans.

And not going with the obvious characters first leaves the door open for a followup limited drop. That’s just my conclusion.

Purchasing Information

Higround X Pokemon
Image Source: Higround

The Higround X Pokemon collection will be available on Friday December 8that 12 pm Pacific Time on the Higround website.

Perhaps the one and only bummer about the new collaboration is that it is limited edition.

We’ve seen that repetitive limited release method from the likes of Analogue and Limited Run Games, and it has made is cringe at the thought of “limited quantities”.

If you want to get your Pokemon keyboard from Higround, you will want to have your web browser locked and loaded at noon on Friday.

You know very good and well that we will be getting our orders in at that time. See you there!

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