The PiBoy Mini is ExperimentalPi’s Most Pocket Friendly Kit Yet

PiBoy Mini

ExperimentalPi just launched their latest Raspberry Pi console kit, and this one is the most pocketable and most beautiful yet: the new PiBoy Mini. Just launched today, this new kit for the Raspberry Pi Zero or Zero 2 computer is surely intended to go head to head with some of the recent handheld emulators we […]

KUN Handheld Will Be AYANEO’s New 8″-10″ Flagship Windows Console


AYANEO has been delivering premium handhelds at an impressive rate, and they do not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Their latest teased device sounds to be their most ambitious handheld yet: the AYANEO KUN. AYANEO held a live Youtube stream on Jan 18th sharing news of the Air Plus and Pocket Air. During […]

AYANEO Plans To Enter The Android Market With Pocket Air

AYANEO Pocket Air

It would seem that AYANEO are not quite satisfied being one of the best manufacturers of handheld PCs… they now plan to enter the Android game console market with the AYANEO Pocket Air. AYANEO’s “2023 Annual Strategy Sharing” presentation covered their upcoming Air Plus in great detail, and touched on the Slide a bit (certainly […]

The Smart Pro is Trimui’s New BIG Console

For a company known for affordable mini consoles, Trimui aims big with their new concept: The Trimui Smart Pro. Trimui surely hopes to create a new device that can take them to the top of the mountain with the likes of Anbernic or GoRetroid. We originally anticipated this would compete with consoles like the Retroid […]

Analogue Pocket VS Modded Gameboy VS Handheld Emulator

analogue pocket vs modded gameboy vs handheld emulator

The Analogue Pocket is by far one of the most wanted handhelds of 2022, but unfortunately due to demand Analogue have had to spread out the shipping throughout 2022 and 2023. This leaves many gamers looking at their letter box for well over a year in hopes the unicorn of handhelds arrive. So I thought […]