Retroid Pocket 3+ Metallic Edition Just Announced By GoRetroid

retroid pocket 3+ metallic

This is not a drill people, our dreams have come true – GoRetroid is officially making a metallic Retroid Pocket 3+.

If you know anything about Retro Dodo or me specifically, then you know that we are entirely obsessed with metal shell handhelds.

Specifically, we are well known for asking for them from our favorite handheld makers. Even going as far as to demand it a couple of times.

I shamelessly ran a campaign for a metal shell Anbernic RG351v for over a year before giving up on that dream of mine.

Check out my post about that here: What’s Next for Anbernic’s Vertical Series?

We were so close to getting an awesome metal shell vertical with the GKD Mini Plus Classic, but that console turned out to be quite a bummer.

So if we can’t get a metal shell vertical handheld anytime soon, the next best thing would be to get it on one of the most popular handhelds of 2022: The Retroid Pocket 3+.

We have always ranked the RP3+ quite high, even giving it a pretty decent spot on our best of 2022 list.

So if you gave us a wish list of consoles to choose from to get a metal shell, that would certainly be on the list.

Well, we can now cross the Retroid Pocket 3+ off our metal shell wishlist. Dreams really do come true!

Retroid Pocket 3+ Metallic Edition

GoRetroid dropped the big surprise on us today on their Youtube channel with their official announcement of the Retroid Pocket 3+ Metallic Edition.

In GoRetroid’s own words: “This special edition of the RP3+ will feature a metal shell, and Hall effect analogue sticks.

So not only the metal shell, also those drift-proof Hall joysticks that are in style.

Retroid Pocket 3+ Metallic Version
Image Source: GoRetroid

The Retroid Pocket 3+ Metallic Edition was shown in a matte black finish in that demonstration video. Which would be our number one choice.

No word on other colors yet. Even if it were just the black, we’d be cool with that. But we are likely to see at least one more.


No additional information was given about pricing or release date for the new Retroid Pocket 3+ Metallic Edition either. Just the promise of “Coming soon!” at the end of the video description.

We are already getting our bank accounts in order and clearing space on our desks for ours.

Needless to say, we will be keeping a close eye on info about the upcoming Retroid Pocket 3+ Metallic Edition.

We know that GoRetroid has the Retroid Pocket 3+ units ready, and they also have the metal shells in hand. Because we actually see one in the demonstration video.

And GoRetroid doesn’t seem to have the same stock problems, like you know who. *cough* miyoo *cough*.

We don’t anticipate it taking GoRetroid very long to start offering the Retroid Pocket 3+ Metallic Edition for sale, or for anybody to have much trouble getting one.

We cannot freakin’ wait.

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