The Story Behind Kingdom Crusade / The Legend Of Prince Valiant

kingdom crusade the prince valiant

When I got my Gameboy, I played Tetris for hours. I sunk weeks into Super Mario Land, learning all the secrets and drooling over those all-too-brief shoot-‘em-up sections. On that subject, the brilliant Gameboy conversion of the arcade game R-Type was another favourite, as was Motocross Maniacs. But after a while, I hankered after something […]

Gameboy & Gameboy Advance Games Now Available On Nintendo Switch Online

nintendo switch gameboy games

It was only a matter of time before Nintendo makes Gameboy and Gameboy Advance games available on Nintendo Switch, especially after the launch of the Analogue Pocket and the ever growing emulation market. On today’s Nintendo Direct they officially revealed that a selection of the best Gameboy games and the best Gameboy Advance games are […]

How To Climb In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (The Easy Way)

Wow, the Paldea region is stunning but vast. Teeming with new and familiar Pokemon alike, the landscape has rugged mountains, deep waters, and intriguing architecture just begging to be investigated.  The only problem is, we can’t reach everywhere at the beginning. Although we have our trusty mounts, Koraidon/ Miraidon, they aren’t ready to handle every […]

Retro Pixel Pocket Is A Upcoming Gameboy Pocket Clone Running Android

retro pixel pocket

After just uploading a video about the best upcoming handhelds of the year, we then go and find information on an upcoming handheld called the Retro Pixel Pocket, how fitting! The Retro Pixel Pocket was revealed by RGHandhelds and is being produced by a popular modding website called FunnyPlaying. As of now it is still […]

10 Best Selling Game Boy Color Games Of All Time

Best Selling Game Boy Color Games

Game Boy, sweet Game Boy. Now here is a topic I can excel at. I am quite familiar, having spent the past two years thinking of nothing else. I’ve quite literally learned about them inside and out. With the introduction of the Game Boy Color in 1998 bringing us glorious color palettes and eliminating the […]

A New Game Boy Game Appears – Say Hello to POWA!


A brand new platform game has just been released for the Nintendo Game Boy and all compatible consoles, including Super Game Boy and Game Boy Color. POWA! is a beautifully designed, visually appealing title that hearkens back to the classic, whimsically styled 8-bit platformers of yesteryear – games such as Kirby’s Dreamland and Tripworld have […]

17 Best GBA ROM Hacks To Download Today

best gba rom hacks

The sheer inventiveness and creativity of the modding community never ceases to amaze me, but what’s also impressive is that the coders responsible for these hacks aren’t always looking to put their own spin on a game’s mechanics – sometimes, they’re just aiming to improve a game from a technical standpoint. Consequently, ROM hacks of […]

GB Operator Review – A Gameboy Slot For Your PC & Mac

GB Operator

It’s time to dust off your old cartridges and get ready to play your Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance games on your PC or Mac. The GB Operator is a new piece of kit that allows you to play, store and transfer your Gameboy games to your PC, Mac and soon the be Linux […]

Modder Creates “WiiSP” A Gameboy Advance Nintendo Wii Hybrid


The retro modding scene never ceases to amaze us. Over the last 12 months we’ve seen the Virtual Boy Console, the Boxy Pixel Custom Gameboy and the ArcadeBoy. But now, the modder known as StonedEdge on YouTube has created a custom Nintendo Wii that looks exactly like the Gameboy Advance SP called the WiiSP. His […]

5 Best Gameboy Color Emulators Of 2024

best gameboy color emulators

There’s a wide number of the best Gameboy Color emulators out there, but trying to filter out the bad from the good is like trying to complete Pokemon Red without taking a hit. Playing the best Gameboy Color games on your PC, Mac or Android is a super power than many of us want, and […]