A New Game Boy Game Appears – Say Hello to POWA!


A brand new platform game has just been released for the Nintendo Game Boy and all compatible consoles, including Super Game Boy and Game Boy Color.

POWA! is a beautifully designed, visually appealing title that hearkens back to the classic, whimsically styled 8-bit platformers of yesteryear – games such as Kirby’s Dreamland and Tripworld have been cited as inspirations for the new game.

True to those classic games, POWA! is accessible in terms of its gameplay, but does put up a challenge with its boss fights and varying difficulty modes, which also keep replayability high.

Not only is the game available as a downloadable title, but it’s also being released in a physical edition on an actual Game Boy cartridge – with a variety of limited editions on offer, each coming with a selection of beautiful collectible items in addition to the gorgeous packaging. 

POWA! has clearly been a labour of love for developer Aiguanachein and physical edition publisher First Press Games, with lots of wonderful touches to the game itself, as well as genuine care and attention paid to make the physical release extra special.

The physical editions can be purchased from First Press Games at this link – or you can of course opt for the digital ROM, which can be found on itch.io

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