Our Book A Handheld History: 88 – 95 Is Now Shipping In June

a handheld history 88 - 95

We kicked off our book series back in 2022, after working on it for almost two straight years. It was a huge project, one that took blood, sweat and tears by myself and the incredible individuals at Lost In Cult. We didn’t know what A Handheld History was going to become and it took the […]

GameBook Color Crowdfunding A New Celebration Of The Game Boy Color

GameBook Color

GameBook Color: The Unofficial CGB Companion has just opened up their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for early support. And as the name suggests, the GameBook Color aims to celebrate everything Game Boy Color. Obviously we know a thing or two about the Game Boy Color and producing a book that celebrates retro handheld consoles (A […]

‘From Coin Ops to Table Tops’ Is A NEW Electronic Tabletop Game Book

From Coin Ops to Table Tops, a brand new book from Numskull covering the history of electronic tabletop games, has just launched its Kickstarter campaign. With coffee table books like The Console Chronicles, The Art Of The Box, and Retro Dodo’s own A Handheld History, we’ve got a lot of amazing ways to fill our […]

Lost In Cult Announces New “The Console Chronicles” Book

The Console Chronicles

Lost In Cult, publisher of LOCK-ON and A Handheld History, has just announced their next incredible video game feature: The Console Chronicles. If you’ve never had the pleasure of holding a Lost In Cult book in your hands, then you are surely missing out! The quality of their publications are high caliber, and having one […]

A Handheld History Is Our Upcoming Book For Handheld Enthusiasts

a handheld history

Writing this article gives me goosebumps. For years, I have wanted to develop a book, and now I have the opportunity to do just that for the handheld community, a community that I have been involved in for many years. I remember opening Pokemon Yellow for my 8th Birthday, it was the moment when I […]