‘From Coin Ops to Table Tops’ Is A NEW Electronic Tabletop Game Book

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From Coin Ops to Table Tops, a brand new book from Numskull covering the history of electronic tabletop games, has just launched its Kickstarter campaign.

With coffee table books like The Console Chronicles, The Art Of The Box, and Retro Dodo’s own A Handheld History, we’ve got a lot of amazing ways to fill our bookshelves this year.

Handheld gaming, home consoles, and game box art have all been covered thoroughly by those aforementioned publications.

But there’s a particularly niche within video game history that has yet to have its cover time: tabletop electronic games.

From Coin Ops to Table Tops

From Coin Ops to Table Tops

Numskull is calling From Coin Ops to Table TopsThe Essential Electronic Games Guide”.

And this new publication aims to capture the essence of the 70s and 80s era electronic tabletop games through incredible photography and personalized written testimony.

This book is entirely focused on the niche genre of electronic tabletop game consoles, such as Sega’s Zaxxon, Astro Wars, or the Ms Pac-Man mini arcade cabinet.

From Coin Ops to Table Tops

The written experience is led by Mike Diver, a veteran of well known gaming resources like Vice, Gaming Bible, Nintendo Life, Kotaku, BBC, etc.

And there are many contributors helping tell the story, including Ashens, Jason Bradbury, John Hancock, Nostalgia Nerd, Slope’s Game Room, and Retro Dodo’s own Brandon Salt.

Surely all of these unique voices will result in some pretty incredible testimonies of an often overlooked area of retro video games.

Kickstarter Campaign

From Coin Ops to Table Tops

From Coin Ops to Table Tops will launch an exclusive Kickstarter campaign to help fund the project, which launches today September 28th.

There are a bunch of early-bird rewards available for those who make a purchase now. So we highly recommend you visit the Kickstarter campaign for more information.

It should go without saying that we have a big soft spot for beautiful coffee table books and retro video games. It’s a winning combination that we’ve got a bit of experience with.

And we are happy to share the retro gaming book space with such a wonderful new publication.

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