Lost In Cult Announces New “The Console Chronicles” Book

The Console Chronicles

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Lost In Cult, publisher of LOCK-ON and A Handheld History, has just announced their next incredible video game feature: The Console Chronicles.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of holding a Lost In Cult book in your hands, then you are surely missing out!

The quality of their publications are high caliber, and having one on your coffee table or bookshelf adds a level of unmistakable value to your collection.

We happen to have some skin in the game, with Lost In Cult being our first and only choice when we released our own portable gaming book A Handheld History and we’re even launching another one with them right now called A Handheld History: 88 – 95 which ships at the end of this year!

The Console Chronicles

The Console Chronicles

The Console Chronicles is a celebration of every system that you hold dear. We’ll travel back in time to when the NES felt like an impossibility, pondering the beginnings of this new artistic frontier. Rivalries will be revisited, ending with treaties drawn as we explore hardware that now exists in harmony — spotlighting the communities formed around it.

The Console Chronicles can be thought of as the companion edition to Retro Dodo’s own A Handheld History.

But, as the name suggests, this brand new installment is focused on home video game consoles spanning nine hardware generations.

Like A Handheld History, The Console Chronicles enlists many unique voices from the video game industry for its written content.

And many of the illustrators from past Lost In Cult books also make a return, creating frame-and-hang-on-your-wall worthy artwork to enjoy as you explore the past 45+ years of video games at home.

The Console Chronicles

The Console Chronicles is a 400+ page book measuring 245mm × 200 mm. It will be printed on matte 130gsm paper, and is a casebound hardcover book. Paramount quality.

Lost In Cult has also partnered with Hookshot Media (Nintendo Life, Push Square, Pure Xbox, Time Extension) to develop this incredible new publication. So you know the project is in good hands.

Release Information

The Console Chronicles

The Console Chronicles “Campaign Edition” is currently available for pre-order on the Lost In Cult website.

And it is set to ship in Q2 of 2024 with the following free early backer extras (Funding campaign exclusives):

  • 1 X Bookmark Foiled
  • 2 X Folded cover posters
  • 1 X Port Zine
  • 3 X Stickers
  • Name in backer segment
  • Digital wallpaper (Pc / Mobile)

A “Retail Edition” is also set to release in Fall of 2024, and will be printed in a smaller size and more condensed content.

So if you want to enjoy the full definitive The Console Chronicles experience, you’ll want to be a day-one supporter of the pre-sale.

And with those awesome early backer bonuses, why not join the cult now?

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