Lost In Cult And Pixpil Announce ‘Eastward: Design Works’ Artbook and More

Eastward Design Works

Lost In Cult have officially launched their brand new ‘Design Works’ book with Pixpil, celebrating the magical experience that is Eastward.

And surely by now I do not need to explain to you how much I love the game Eastward.

I ranked it in my lists for the best story based indie games and the best pixel art games. And perhaps those are a good representation of what to expect in this amazing title.

Eastward is a perfect homage to some of the best video game experiences from the 90s, like The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening and Mother.

And the game has been celebrated by fans for its incredibly beautiful pixel art style and the massive amount of character jam packed in the unique world.

It is no surprise at all that Lost In Cult is working with Pixpil to create a book that explores the artwork and process behind this wonderful video game.

Eastward: Design Works

Eastward Design Works
Image Source: Lost In Cult / Pixpil

As dark as it is delightful, Eastward: Design Works charts the development of Eastward from sketch to screen, exploring the influences, design philosophies, and intricate details of this pixel-perfect indie darling.

Eastward: Design Works will explore all stages of the development of the characters and environments of Eastward.

The book also features analysis straight from the minds at Pixpil, who seemingly came out of nowhere with this cult classic game experience.

And, of course, all presented in an appropriately beautiful book from the publisher who brought you A Handheld History.

Eastward Design Works
Image Source: Lost In Cult / Pixpil

There are two distinct Eastward: Design Works editions coming from Lost In Cult and Pixpil.

The first is the softcover book (£39.99/$50usd), which is a perfect option for those only interested in the artwork contained within and do not need the additional bonus content.

The New Dam City Edition (£119.99/$150usd) will contain the hardcover version of the book and all of the exciting swag an Eastward fan could hope for.

This edition will include a yellow slipcase for the hardcover book, four pins, an East Born magazine, recipe cards, two posters, a bookmark, four art prints, and a collector’s box.

The first 500 editions will also be signed by the game’s creators at Pixpil.

Eastward Design Works
Image Source: Lost In Cult / Pixpil

Both editions of Eastward: Design Works are available for pre-order on the Lost In Cult website through January 23, 2024. And those orders are expected to ship in summer 2024.


Eastward Design Works
Image Source: Lost In Cult / Pixpil

In parallel with the soon to be released Eastward Octopia DLC, Lost In Cult are also releasing a new limited edition soundtrack collection.

Is it really much of a surprise that Eastward has some of the best art AND music in a contemporary retro game?

Alongside the campaign for the book, you can also pre-order a vinyl record, CD or cassette of the Octopia soundtrack. There is also a cassette edition of the original game soundtrack.

The yellow vinyl edition is looking particularly gorgeous, and it is limited to 1000 copies. So you’ll definitely want to get your order in as soon as possible if you want to get yours.

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