Miyoo P60 Is Another Android Based Retro Handheld “Coming Soon”

miyoo p60

It’s about time we got some news about an upcoming affordable retro handheld, it feels like it has been ages and that’s primarily due to the lack of chips in China, but the Miyoo P60 has been leaked and it’s looking pretty snazzy! For those who aren’t accustomed to Miyoo, they were previously behind the […]

Metal Bittboy Pocket Go Review – The Start of Metal Handheld

metal bittboy pocket go

If you’re a fan of Bittboy and some of the best retro handhelds on earth, you’ll certainly be wanting to take a look at the new metal Bittboy Pocket Go. It’s an all new take on the V2 that they launched in September of 2019, and although there’s no major internal difference it’s undoubtedly feeling […]

Bittboy Pocket Go Review – The Best Affordable Emulator?

The Bittboy Pocket Go first landed on the retro scene a few years ago, starting with a pretty average handheld that could emulate a few ROMs and built from plastic similar to what you get in a Kinder Egg. But now after many new versions and revisions, they have now launched the Pocket Go. A […]