The Debut Ronin Rush Trailer Delivers Modern Rocket Knight Energy

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Indie developer Studio Thunderhorse has unveiled the debut trailer for their upcoming ninja-focused ‘Slice ’em Up’, Ronin Rush.

Ronin Rush sees players exploring a Yokai-infested world, brought to life with some vibrant pixel art. Players have a variety of tools are their disposal to defeat the Yokai, including kunai, weapon arts, spirit abilities and of course, a katana.

The trailer features some flashy hack and slash action across fabled Japan, with the titular Ronin darting across the screen and delivering powerful attacks in a game that brings Rocket Knight Adventures to mind.

Ronin Rush gameplay

That’s no mere-coincidence either, with Case Portman, Co-Founder and game designer for Studio Thunderhorse, revealing “Rocket Knight Adventures on Mega Drive has been sat in my head quite a bit in terms of that kind of arcade/adventure style”.

Another classic title inspiring Portman and the team is Gunstar Heroes, with the designer praising Sega’s 1993 run and gun for its “upbeat gameplay”. Portman states that “both of those are games from my early gaming days so it’s no surprise they’re bouncing around in my brain constantly”.

Studio Thunderhorse have also launched the Ronin Rush Steam page today, allowing players to wishlist the incoming retro-flavoured titled ahead of its PC debut later this year.

So Long, Samurai

Ronin Rush in the mountains of fabled Japan.

If Ronin Rush looks familiar, you may have played Studio Thunderhorse’s spiritual predecessor, Samurai Blitz. Samurai Blitz launched on iOS back in 2015 and currently sits with a five-star rating on the App Store.

Portman revealed that Ronin Rush wouldn’t exist without Samurai Blitz, stating “we see Ronin Rush as a bigger and better version or remake of Samurai Blitz”, and continued by talking about the wider reach of Ronin Rush by saying “bringing this game to PC and consoles is something we’ve always had in the back of our minds, so we can’t wait for more players to experience it!”

Studio Thunderhorse’s previous title, Flynn: Son of Crimson, released on PC and consoles back in 2021 and currently has an impressive rating of 81 on Metacritic.

Ronin Rush looks like it could scratch the Rocket Knight Adventures itch felt by many gamers longing for the return of the brave possum, and could neatly fill the void while fans await the release of Rocket Knight Adventures: Re-Sparked!

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