Switch Dock Prototype Swaps Joycons For Arcade Racing Controls

A prototype of a racing controller dock for the Switch

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When it comes to the Switch, there are so many creative options, accessories, and ways to pimp your set-up to show your passion for Nintendo. We’ve seen GameCube’s cut in half with a Nintendo Switch dock in the middle, and now we’ve found an Arcade Racing dock that gives off the ultimate cabinet racing vibes for tabletop gaming.

Discovered on Nintendo Life, this dock created by Far East Pinball is less of a standard dock and more of a unique controller experience, with the regular joycons being removed in favour of a controller and a gear stick. There are buttons on the wheel itself for selecting menu options and accelerating too!

This controller reminded me instantly of the homemade Tomy toy turned OutRun tabletop cabinet Destructoid posted back in 2017. It’s a unique little gimmick, but I can’t personally see this being something that every Switch household snaps up like the Wii Wheels that shipped with Mario Kart Wii. Still, it’s a nice little piece that showcases something different for Nintendo’s handheld hybrid hero. Check out the video above to see it in action!

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