Play PS Vita On Android With The Vita3K Emulator

Vita3k Android

Vita3K is the one and only PS Vita emulator out there, and the Vita3K team has been working tirelessly to deliver more compatibility and more options. Just this week, they hit a huge milestone when they launched Vita3K for Android. That means we can now relive some of our favorite Playstation Vita moments on some […]

AYN Odin Review – A Superb Android Based Retro Handheld

AYN Odin Pro

The AYN Odin handheld is a device that I didn’t think would impress me as much as it has. Android and Windows handhelds are coming out left right and centre and backing an unknown company on Indiegogo in 2021 feels like a bit of a gamble especially when there’s plenty of other options on the […]