Tag Heuer Reveals Two New Mario Kart Watches, One Costing £21,000+

tag heuer mario kart watches

Tag Heuer are renowned watch builders and are known across the globe. Heck, my first and only proper watch that I own is a Tag Heuer Formula 1.

There’s something about their watches that I just love. With my love of Tag Heuer watches and retro gaming this news got me very excited… that was until I saw the price tags.

Tag Heuer has again teamed up with Nintendo to craft a small quantity of special edition watches to pay respects to the original Mario Kart, which as you know is one of the best N64 games of all time.

tag heuer mario kart front
credit: tag heuer

The second and much-anticipated instalment of the TAG Heuer x Nintendo partnership is revealed in the form of two collector limited-edition TAG Heuer Formula 1 chronographs celebrating Mario Kart.

Their first was a smartwatch that was revealed back in July 2021. This time they’ve created something truly special and with many small hints that will take you back to the golden age of retro gaming.

These are editions are currently not up for sale yet, instead you can register interest for when it goes live on the 20th October.

The Tag Heuer Forumla 1 Chronograph costs £3,550 which is limited to just 3000 units, whereas the Tourbillon Chronograph costs £21,250 and is limited to a tiny 250 units worldwide.

That’s no small number, but Tag Heuer are targeting a very specific minute niche of watch collectors who have a place in their heart for Super Mario.

tag heuer mario kart watch back

The 44mm polished steel case that surrounds the watch is infused with many detailed references to the game and its characters. Even the leather strap resembles the pattern of a deadly shell.

The more you look the more you will find, especially on the Tourbillion, it even features a transparent back so you can see the internals spinning.

This just so happens to show Luigi, Mario and Yoshi spinning around as if they were causing havoc on Rainbow Road.

On the black ceramic tachymeter bezel on the front, you’ll find the official Mario Kart logo, with Mario himself under the glass, alongside other special elements of the game.

Overall they are both stunning watches that will undoubtedly sell out due to the fact there are only a small number of units being made.

The prices are likely above the ordinary gamers budget, but there’s probably many watch collectors out there that want to snag limited time pieces like this.

Hopefully we’ll see more Nintendo watched from Tag Heuer in the future, and fingers cross that they are a little cheaper this time!

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