Tag Heuer Collabs With Super Mario To Reveal A $2,000+ Watch

tag heuer super mario

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Nintendo aren’t stopping with the collaborations this year, because they are now adding the luxury watch brand Tag Heuer to their list.

Tag Heuer are renowned for creating some of the world’s best watches, alongside some of the most expensive on the market, so when we saw them collaborating with Nintendo we knew it wasn’t going to be cheap!

Today across their social channel Tag Heuer has showed off a new special edition Super Mario watch within their “Tag Heuer Connected” series.


Many of you were hoping for a classic timepiece that could be added to your watch collection but instead Tag Heuer and Nintendo went down the smartwatch route which featured a screen that can all kinds of retro gaming things.

At this moment in time it looks as if you can only register your interest in the launch by adding your email to the waiting list on their website. The Tag Heuer Super Mario watch will be officially revealed on Thursday at 15:00 GMT.

They have also announced that the watch will be sold for $2,150 and only 2,000 of the units have been made, making them extremely wanted by watch collectors and retro gamers.

It doesn’t look entirely different to many of Tag’s other Connected watched, but because it’s a limited edition piece, there are some minor changes that many of you will love.

Firstly, it comes with both a black leather strap, and a red rubber strap for you to use. On the face you will see subtle nods to the Mushroom Kingdom such as the classic pipes and the M logo on the crown.

But where it gets really cool is within the OS. According to The Verge, the Tag Heuer Super Mario Watch will use a “gamification rewards system” that features Super Mario and video game themed animations that activate when you hit various steps and goals throughout the day.

super mario tag

How cool is that! Imagine throughout the day your 10,000 steps goal would be in 4 stages, each featuring a cool animation from Mario himself to cheer you on.

Included is four new watch faces that include a bunch of retro elements from the original Super Mario Bros. video game in 1985. This allows you to customise the watch to your needs, be it retro or modern.

Tag Heuer has also teased the official packaging too, and they’ve really paid attention to detail. The leather box sits the smartwatch itself, and the strap even comes in a custom box with Super Mario detailing too.

tag heuer super mario box

What are your thoughts on the Tag Heur Super Mario watch collaboration? Do you like that they’re using the smartwatch features as a type of health kick “game”? Or would you had preferred it to be a classic timepiece?

We’re still not sure what we would prefer, but it’s good to see that watch lovers now have a timepiece that has a video game touch to it. We’d pick it up if it didn’t cost a small fortune, let’s just hope scalpers don’t get hold of it.

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