Super Nintendo World Ground Pounds Into Orlando Florida In 2025

Mario tipping his hat to the reader

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The word is out, and Super Nintendo World is warping its way to Orlando Florida in 2025!

So, for all of the fans out there who don’t live in Japan or California who fancy some Florida sun, then you might want to get your plane tickets bought now to avoid the mad rush!

As explained in The Verge, Super Nintendo world is going to be one of 5 new worlds that make up the new park, with Dark Universe World, How To Train Your Dragon World, and the much-anticipated Harry Potter World which we’re incredibly excited about!

There’s also a fifth world which links them all together, but if we’re going to be honest, that’s more like a shopping street scenario and not a ‘world’ as such. So let’s say four and a half worlds…

Super Mario World Bowsers Castle
Credit: Universal/Nintendo

And the park name – Universal Epic Universe. It’s not the most imaginative name, I’m not going to lie, but that’s not going to matter once we’re in buying all of the Mario Merchandise and messing around with wands in Ollivander’s.

We’ve been following the happenings in Super Nintendo World Japan with interest for a while now, especially with the new Donkey Kong Themed area being teased online. And now that Florida is getting in on the action, ol’ Mickey Mouse is going to be getting a run for his money!

Mario Kart at Universal
Credit: Universal/Nintendo

Rumours are that this is going to be the biggest Super Nintendo world of the three, with even more on offer to tempt fans away from one magical castle to another. We’re not sure if Peach knows that Disney have a residence nearby, but we’re going to leave it to Mario to break the news to her.

With Mario Kart races, warp pipes, characters to take selfies with, Bowser’s Castle, and lots more Nintendo goodness to soak up, it’s going to be the perfect destination for Ninty-nerds like us.

And also, we’ve seen an image of Donkey Kong in the official announcement trailer, which means that Donkey Kong’s expansion could well be a prominent feature too!

Check out the announcement trailer for the new park on YouTube!

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