Street Fighter 6 Brings A New Era Of Fighting Games To Consoles In June 2023

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Our favourite fighting game series of all time finally has a release date for its newest entry. Street Fighter 6 is dropping June 2023, and it’s set to change the fighting game genre forever.

News of Street Fighter 6 releasing in 2023 dropped during the 2022 Gaming Awards alongside Crash Team Rumble, another new game we’re insanely excited about.

Unlike Crash’s antics, however, this Street Fighter game will be far more heavily action based and focused more on beating seven bells of hell out of your opponent.

Still, it’s changing the Street Fighter formula in a whole new way, and we’re more excited than a child made of sweets dancing in a river of sugar.

Yeah, you read that right.

Let’s check out everything we know about Street Fighter 6 and the upcoming release in 2023!

Street Fighter 6 Set To Change Fighting Games Forever!

Street Fighter 6 Gameplay - Character development

Gone are the days of side-on battle stage after side-on battle stage with no story in-between. Street Fighter 6 is shaking things up, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

If you want to be the strongest fighter in the world, then you’ve got to earn it. Nothing worth having comes easy, and players will have to search for their inner skill in battles around the globe, training to be the best.

The game is set to be split into 3 modes, Battle Hub, Fighting Ground, and World Tour.

The Battle Hub serves as an online lobby for players to explore, and the Fighting Ground is the place to be if you want to start local and online battles using the in-game characters.

how much trash talk is going to go on in that lobby? I wonder if you can just start throwing down randomers in there?

I’m going to make a lot of enemies, I can already tell.

It’s the world tour that has us most excited though, a new mode where players take a character through a journey to become a legendary fighter.

After all, Ryu didn’t always look like Ryu, did he?

When Is The New Street Fighter Game Releasing?

Street Fighter 6 Gameplay

The official listing for Street Fighter 6 on the Street Fighter website shows the new release date of June 2023.

That’s The Legend Of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom in May and Street Fighter 6 in June… what a year 2023 is shaping up to be!

The Street Fighter 6 closed beta is running from December 16-19 and gives gamers a chance to test out new characters and stages.

Just think of it as an early Christmas Present from Capcom!

With multiple character passes to purchase and lots of optional extra on the horizon, we’re predicting that this new Street Fighter adventure could be the fighting game of the decade. A bold statement, but there it is for all to read!

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