Sonic Dream Team Announced For Apple Arcade

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Sega have revealed Sonic Dream Team, a new 3D Sonic game that will be arriving exclusively on Apple Arcade on the 5th December 2023.

The game was announced on Twitter earlier today with a high-tempo trailer that we’ve embedded below.

Fans of the blue blur will only be able to access Sonic Dream Team on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV with the game available now for pre-registration.

Sonic Dream Team thrusts players into Sonic’s red shoes after Doctor Eggman discovers an ancient device known as The Reverie. The Reverie grants Eggman the power to manifest dreams in the real world.

Unlike most normal people, Dr Eggman seems to use this power to conjure giant Crabmeat robots with Eggman moustaches, rather than say, a lottery win or a holiday to the Bahamas.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

image credit: sega

Sonic Dream Team will see Sonic alongside five other playable characters as he races through a ‘bizarre world of dreams’. The usual suspects are there with Tails, Knuckles and Amy returning as playable characters after their last adventure in Sonic Superstars.

Joining the expected quartet are Rouge the Bat and Cream the Rabbit who will be accompanied by her Chao friend, Cheese. Each of the six characters will roll around with their unique abilities so expect Sonic to unleash his super speed while Tails, Knuckles and Rouge can take to the skies.

Dreamy Details

image credit: sega

The description from Apple outlines how players will traverse the colourful and vibrant environments with speedsters able to take part in ‘wall-running, gravity changes, and more’.

Additionally, it seems that the game will feature a mission system where players will be able to complete challenges, fight bosses and collect hidden toys of popular Sonic characters.

The Sonic Dream Team app description sums up the new title by calling it ‘A game packed with non-stop action and thrilling adventures!’

Final Thoughts

Sonic Dream Team’s initial showing is promising with plenty of speed, stunning locales and energetic music to enjoy. Not to mention the replay value by having multiple protagonists.

Will it be enough to tempt this Android user into switching over to Apple? Maybe I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed that Sonic Dream Team eventually land on other platforms. A guy can only dream!

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