A New Trio Of Classic SNES Games Has Launched On Nintendo Switch Online

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Three more classic SNES games have come to Nintendo Switch Online as Super R-Type, Wrecking Crew ’98 and Amazing Hebereke join the service.

Nintendo revealed the news overnight with a Twitter post revealing the trio of new titles for its subscription service.

Users are required to download a small update to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online software before accessing the titles, which will then become available to play upon launch.

Super R-Type, Wrecking Crew ’98, and Amazing Hebereke join other classic SNES games on Nintendo Switch Online including Super Mario World, Star Fox, and The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past.

Super Additions

Super R-Type screenshot

While R-Type remains one of the most recognisable shoot-em-up franchises of all time, Super R-Type will present a stern challenge, even to seasoned veterans of the genre.

A partial remake of Irem’s R-Type Type II for arcades, Super R-Type revisits several stages from the 1989 original but also includes several new levels and a variety of fresh spaceships to destroy.

Having played through some of Super R-Type this morning, the game retains its slowdown during busy screens which, while initially jarring, can actually aid players from becoming overwhelmed by the encroaching hordes of enemies.

Wrecking Crew '98 screenshot

Wrecking Crew ’98 is a fun puzzle game starring Mario, that sees Nintendo’s mascot wielding a sledgehammer to destroy Bowser’s fortress.

Obliterating a stage isn’t enough to win though, as different coloured blocks fill each level and players must strategically remove bricks to create lines of three matching blocks that will disappear together. Similar to Columns or Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, stringing together longer chains of matching bricks will cause unbreakable blocks to fall onto your opponent’s screen.

Wrecking Crew ’98’s addition to Nintendo Switch Online marks the first time the title has released legally outside of Japan, as such, all the text and dialogue is in Japanese.

Amazing Hebereke screenshot

Last but not least, Amazing Hebereke brings its cute fisticuffs to Nintendo Switch Online today. Much like Wrecking Crew ’98, Amazing Hebereke was exclusive to Japan.

Sunsoft’s Amazing Hebereke sees adorable critters including a tanuki, a penguin and a strange-looking green fish throw down in arena-based brawls. From diving into the game this morning, the single-player mode is a little repetitive but the multiplayer mode for up to four players is a hoot.

It’s been a great week for classic titles reappearing on modern systems as, prior to Nintendo launching this trio of games on Switch, PlayStation announced that three more PS1 titles will join PlayStation Premium on the 16th of April.

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