Rugrats: Adventures In Gameland NES Cartridge Available Soon From Limited Run Games

game bundles for the limited edition NES cart of Rugrats: Adventures In Gameland

Retro gaming fans around the world have felt a buzz of nostalgia floating through the air, and that usually means one thing and one thing only – a Limited Run Games announcement.

For many of the Retro Dodo team, myself included, the Rugrats were a pivotal point of our childhoods, so having Rugrats: Adventures In Gameland dropping on next-gen consoles is a dream come true.

What I didn’t expect when I woke up this morning was to see an announcement that the game would be dropping on a NES cartridge too… now that’s what I’m talking about!

Embarking On A Brand New Adventure With Tommy, Chuckie & The Gang

Adventures in Gameland is a brand new title that was announced last year that sees 8-bit gameplay inspired by the NES. We all knew that it was heading our way, but to actually have a bundle with an old-school box, dust jacket, instruction booklet and poster has blown me away.

Sure, players can opt for modern graphical stylings if they purchase the game for Switch, Xbox, or PS5, but surely 8-Bit is the only way to go for a game that was inspired by the NES and meant to look like the NES platforming greats?

‘Everyone’s favorite babies are back in action! When Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil see a commercial for the new Reptar video game, they pretend that they’re in a video game of their own! Through the power of imagination, the babies transform Tommy’s house into a video game world full of action, excitement, and adventure!’

There are six made-up worlds for players to delve into, either solo or with another player. I think that this would be a great game for either older kids (i.e 34-year-olds like me) to play together, or for those with kids to play together, putting it straight up there with titles like Yoshi’s Wooly World and Super Mario Wonder for bringing families together through gaming.

When Can I Pre-order Rugrats: Adventures In Gameland On The NES?

Credit: LimitedRunGames

Pre-orders for the new game in all formats (though you all know I’m gunning straight for that NES cart) go live on March 8th on the Limited Run Games website and will run until April 21st.

Still, the collector’s edition with the Reptar statue and VHS from the picture above would look great on my shelf…

There are multiple bundles available for Rugrats fans to snap up, but be quick! As with all of the titles from Limited Run games, they will be limited and won’t come back, so if you don’t get your order in now, you can expect to pay a premium price on second-hand sites later down the line.

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