Best Rock Type Pokemon To Add To Your Team

It’s time to Rock ‘n Roll as we check out the best Rock Type Pokemon to add into your team!

Rock Pokemon tend to have a lot of weaknesses, but they are undeniably tough and can last long in battles thanks to rock-hard defence.

Pun intended.

From rocks with faces to gigantic monsters clad in stone and steel, this list of the best Rock Type Pokemon will add some serious strength and defence to your Poke team.

Just don’t think about running anywhere in a hurry; thee guys are heavy!

So, without further ado, let’s chip away at these stone stalwarts and find out who is the best Rock Pokemon!

10. Golem

Golem kickstarts this list of the best Rock Type Pokemon, one of the original faces from the very first games on the DMG.

Back in the day, players could only get Golem by trading. Now, you can pick him up trundling around minding his own business in some of the newer games.

This Pokemon is literally a boulder with arms, legs, and a head sticking out of it. I know that’s the same for Graveller and Geodude, but their last evolution is the toughest of them all.

Golem has low HP but high defence as you would expect from a walking stone. He’s not very fast, so trainers dead set on making Golem a firm fixture in their team should work on improving its speed if they want to keep hitting the mark every time.

9. Gigalith

Gigalith - Best Rock Type Pokemon

Gigalith looks a little like one of those Robot dogs that has gone into complete Goth mode.

I thought this thing was a stack of coals on fire when I first saw it. Those red rocks are like inbuilt solar panels that suck up energy for brutal attacks.

Compressed rocks are always going to have high defence stats, and twinned with a high 85HP and impressive attack stat of 135, Gigalith will always bring the thunder when it counts.

Not the Electric Type Pokemon move; don’t get too excited.

Meteor Beam is one heck of a move and one that Pokemon Sword and Shield players definitely need to teach their Gigalith.

8. Onix

Onyx was one of my favourite Pokemon from the original games and Anime series. Brock never went into battle without it, and I always liked the idea of being one slithering through the local forest.

Measuring a whopping 28 feet, I think anyone that did come across one in real life would be hard pushed to escape in one piece.

Onix’s best feature is undoubtedly its defence. With a huge 160 defence stat, it’s going to be a tough titan for opponents to bring down.

The main problem with Onix is its low HP and attack. With 35 HP, you’re going to need to do some fast levelling up and work in key areas if Onix is going to be as powerful as Brock’s main man.

7. Garganacl

Garganacl - Best Rock Type Pokemon

If you don’t recognise Garganacl, then don’t worry; you’re not going mad.

This is the first of two entries in our list to feature new Pokemon from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. A blocky Golem that loos like it might have jumped straight out of Minecraft, this lumbering beast has some serious power behind it.

With 100HP, players won’t need to worry about too many 1-Hit-KOs knocking it down.

Still, with a low speed stat of 35 and a measly Special Attack of 45, you’ll have to rely on landing a heavy hitter and no exciting special moves to win those matches.

If you can land any at all due to its painfully slow speed.

Still, it’s a cool new Rock Type Pokemon and one that you still shouldn’t write off straight away.

Learn how to get Nacli in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and evolve it into Garganacl!

6. Tyrantrum

I definitely wouldn’t want to be running either away from or towards a Tyrantrum; just look at the size of it!

Tyrantrum is a very special mix as it’s half Rock and half Dragon type. And, as the only Rock Type Pokemon amongst the Dragon type group, it’s a powerful force that can break through the opposition in areas where others cant.

The jaws on this thing are massive, and it has that white beard that I’m hoping for when I get older.

With powerful Rock moves such as Head Smash and the ability to learn moved like Dragon Pulse, this is one Rock type Pokemon that will make every team a lot stronger.

5. Rhyperior

Rhyperior - Best Rock Type Pokemon

I can still remember the first time I saw Rhydon and caught one. I thought ‘now there is a beast’.

When you put Rhyperior next to Rhydon, however, it makes it look like a little toddler. This monster looks like it’s wearing a tool belt and protective armour; it’s ready to drill into your team and send dust scattering over the battlefield.

As a Ground and Rock Type Pokemon, Rhyperior can withstand tonnes of attacks and Special Attacks from higher level Pokemon too.

I guess you could say it’s a tough cookie to crack, one that wold definitely shatter all of your teeth if you bit into it.

With a high attack and defence stat, Rhyperior is a reliable member of any Rock Type Pokemon based team. Just be warned that it’s a slow mover, but that’s no surprise looking at its size.

4. Glimmora

Glimmora is both a Poison and Rock Type Pokemon. This is another new number from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and proves an interesting combination that will definitely mix up Rock Pokemon fans.

Rhyperior is a slow lad, but Glimmora is one of the fastest Rock Type Pokemon out there. Its speed is double Rypherior’s.

But then again, that’s not surprising. One is a Goliath, and the other is a spooky flower that looks like it might lure you into a cavern and ultimately to your doom.

At only 83 HP it’s not going to last as long as some of the other big-hitters in battle.

But with 90 defence and a whopping 130 Special Attack, this is a sneaky Pokemon that could definitely turn the tide of your next battle.

3. Aggron

Aggron - Best Rock Type Pokemon

If any Rock Type Pokemon is going to give your opposition Aggro, it’s Aggron. This is like a Rhyperior wearing a Samurai mask made out of pure steel.

I reckon It could demolish a housing block with one finger!

I mentioned Steel purposely because this is a Steel and Rock Type Pokemon. It’s literally hard as nails with a defence stat of 180!

With moves such as Heavy Slam (Steel) and Head Smash (Rock), Aggron can easily plow through both the trainers you meet and the gyms along the way.

Add some choice Fighting-based moves in there too, and Aggron will quickly become one of the most used members of your team.

2. Tyranitar

Look at the size of Tyranitar! If this list was the best Rock Type Pokemon by sheer fear-factor, then, Tyranitar would win hands down.

This thing is like a miniature Godzilla, and I only say Miniature because it’s about 6-foot and not a ginormous Kaiju.

With 100 HP and a bight attack stat of 134, Tyranitar doesn’t mess about. Speed is its greater weakness, though once again, there are no surprises there.

1. Lycanroc

Lycanroc - Best Rock Type Pokemon

The results are in, and Lycanroc is the best Rock Type Pokemon for trainers to implement into their team.

Some of you might think that this is an odd choice to top this list, but there’s method to my madness.

You see, Lycanroc is the mot powerful mono Rock Type Pokemon. That means it’s the strongest Rock Pokemon who’s type is only Rock and not mixed with anything else.

It’s also super fast too, and Tough Claws makes sure it hits first every time.

And who doesn’t like dog Pokemon too? We all know they’re the best, so Lycanroc wins out right for two reasons!

With a nice mix of Dark, Fighting, Ground, Normal, and Rock moves under its belt, fighting your way out of a corner is always possible.

And lastly, there are 3 different variations depending on when you evolved Lycanroc from the Uber-cure Rockruff – Midday, Midnight, and Dusk.

Why not have all 3 in there!

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