Robocop Vs Predator Is A New Game Boy Style Fan Game

Robocop Vs Predator Fan Game

Robocop Vs Predator is a brand new fan game for the PC in the style of classic Game Boy titles of the golden era.

The game was developed by Oscar Celestini as a celebration of classic films and video games of the 80s and 90s.

And the beautiful pixel art nails that retro aesthetic, with similarities to some of the best Game Boy games like Contra: The Alien Wars, Bionic Commando, and of course… 1988’s RoboCop and 1993’s Alien vs Predator: The Last of His Clan.

Robocop Vs Predator Fan Game

This new Robocop Vs Predator fan game is the perfect spiritual successor to those 80s and 90s franchises, while adding its own sophisticated touches like new music, sound effects, and widescreen graphics.

The character sprites are perfectly chunky, the animations are wonderful, and the background art is varied and highly detailed. Everything about both the look and play style are absolutely perfect for retro enthusiasts.

To round out the experience and get the look just right, Oscar Celestini even included four unique video filters to simulate old displays.

Robocop Vs Predator Fan Game
Image Source: Oscar Celestini

But it is not just the look that they nailed in Robocop Vs Predator; the game also features an original story and 5 new zones to master, each with its own boss battle.

There are even a bunch of character cameos from other classic films, such as Back to the Future, Terminator, and more, making this a true 80s-90s fan fest for those of us who grew up in that golden era or for the younger fans who wish they did.

How To Play Robocop Vs Predator

Image Source: Oscar Celestini

Robocop Vs Predator is available to download for free at the Oscar Celestini page.

This game is currently only available for Windows PC, and there is no mention of additional ports coming.

Keep in mind that this was developed with modern touches, so we will never see the game appear on actual retro hardware like some of the recent Game Boy fan games.

But if you happen to have a Windows computer, there’s no excuse to skip out on this incredible fan made celebration of a couple of the coolest retro properties.

In case Robocop Vs Predator suffers the same fate as the Link’s Awakening HD Port (a copyright claim), you should save this one to your hard drive as soon as possible.

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