‘Returning To Monkey Island’ Noclip Documentary Coming To YouTube Next Week

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Video game documentarians, Noclip, will release a new feature-length documentary, ‘Returning To Monkey Island’ next week.

The 90 minute long documentary takes a deep dive into the legacy of the Monkey Island franchise and will feature interviews with many of the brilliant minds behind the series.

Noclip has shared several posts to it’s Twitter page since the start of February, revealing several key contributors for the Monkey Island documentary.

Returning to Monkey Island Noclip Documentary
image credit: noclip

Among the various faces appearing in the new Noclip documentary sits original series creator Ron Gilbert. Gilbert’s fellow writer and designer Dave Grossman, writer of The Secret Of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge, will also appear.

This Noclip documentary also features interviews with the voice of series star Guybrush Threewood, Dominic Armato alongside Jenn Sandercock and Rex Crowle, who developed 2022’s Return to Monkey Island.

The feature won’t just be a series of talking heads though, with plenty of behind the scenes footage, concept art and storyboards for viewers to admire.

Noclip, No Question

Danny O'Dwyer from Noclip
image credit: noclip

For the unfamiliar, Noclip is a crowdfunded organisation that produces high-quality films and documentaries about the history of video games. Founded by host Danny O’Dwyer in 2016, Noclip has committed to bringing the untold stories of video game development into the spotlight, and the documentarians have produced almost 200 videos since inception.

Returning To Monkey Island is the latest documentary from Noclip that promises to explore the making of one of the most popular adventure game series from the ’90s.

In addition to the documentaries, Noclip have also been busy working on game preservation. During the summer of 2023 Danny and co. uncovered a horde of video tapes from over ten years of video game development across the industry.

Trailers, interviews, behind the scenes features and gameplay capture from hundreds, if not thousands of games were discovered and Noclip are painstakingly restoring and preserving the contents of each tape.

Returning to Monkey Island Noclip documentary will be available on YouTube next week but eager viewers can watch it right now by signing up to Noclip’s Patreon.

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