The Retro Watch Aims to Put the Game Boy Advance SP On Your Wrist

Retro Watch

The brand new Retro Watch aims to put a mini Game Boy Advance SP on your wrist for convenient gaming enjoyment.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed your holiday. And now that we’re back from the vacation we wanted to make sure you did not miss this awesome new project that recently hit Kickstarter.

As big fans of both retro video game emulation and exciting new ways to take our games out on the town, we are very intrigued by what this FPGA smartwatch is promising.

So let’s take a look and see why this is something different than what we’ve ever seen for video game emulation.

Retro Watch Could Be The Ultimate Gaming Watch

Retro Watch
Image Source: Retro Watch on Kickstarter

So what sets the new Retro Watch apart from something like the FunkeyS, another Game Boy Advance SP inspired device?

Well, besides the strap to wear it on your wrist? This watch also has a display on the outside of its clamshell design, making it a functional smartwatch when it is closed.

The new device aims to offer plenty of connectivity and productivity solutions like basic watch and weather functions. And it also connects to your smartphone for things like sending and receiving text messages.

It packs an Arm Cortex M33 at 160MHZ, bluetooth sensors, a Renesas / Dialog DA14706 with 1.5MB of fast ram, 8MB of external ram, a dedicated low power 2D graphics processor, and an FPGA chip for retro hardware emulation.

Retro Watch
Prototyping the Retro Watch (Image Source: Kickstarter)

That FPGA chip is intended to offer up to 64-bit gaming on the Retro Watch. This is another unique feature that sets this device apart from other micro emulation handhelds.

The Retro Watch takes some of the best parts of the Game Boy Advance SP, the FunkeyS, the Analogue Pocket, and the Samsung Flip phone all in a sleek micro design.

Support The Kickstarter

The Retro Watch launched on Kickstarter last week and quickly filled their $35,000 pledge goal.

With nearly three weeks left in the campaign, there is still plenty of time to be an early supporter and get yours as soon as possible.

The entry package starts at $179USD, which is a bit expensive for an emulation device, but also quite cheap for a smart watch and FPGA device.

If your aim is to have a fun portable gaming solution, like any one of the best mini retro handhelds, then this might be more than you need.

But if you are looking for an incredibly unique device that offers both premium gaming performance and the convenient functionality of a smart watch, then the Retro Watch might be something you need in your life.

The Game Boy Advance SP aesthetic and the FPGA technology are reasons enough for our interests to be piqued. And we’re absolutely going to be keeping our eye on this one.

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