Retro Fighters BattlerGC Pro Is The First Pro-Series GameCube Controller

Two images of the BattlerGC Pro controller from Retro Fighters

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When it comes to creating epic custom controllers for our favourite machines, Retro Fighters answer the call every single time. Known for their wireless remotes for retro consoles like the N64 and the original Xbox which we recently reviewed, they’ve now announced a pro-controller for the GameCube with all the mod-cons you’d expect from a controller released in 2024. It’s called the BattlerGC Pro, and it’s a beast!

While wired controllers have a sense of nostalgia around them, now that wireless controllers have been on the scene for some time, no-one really wants to be sitting on the floor instead of the sofa just so that they can play games on the TV on the other side of the room. Hey, we love you GameCube, but untethered gaming is always going to win hands down.

According to Retro Fighters, ‘from its ergonomic shape, feel and placement of buttons to its colors and high-tech internal components, every part of the BattlerGC Pro has been thoughtfully engineered to amplify your skill and performance.’ I think it’s time for me and the team to get back on Mario Smash Football with this bad-boy so I can teach them all a lesson!

Take A Closer Look At The BattlerGC Pro

It’s a thing of beauty, isn’t it? Compatible with the GameCube including the Game Boy Player add-on, the Nintendo Switch, and your PC, this controller uses Bluetooth and 2.4 Ghz wireless technology to give you seamless connectivity while gaming. It’s accurate as heck too, with Hall effect analog sticks that won’t give you any drift – not now, not then, not ever again!

The analog sticks have been custom designed for the controller, and it features analog triggers with a GameCube style digital button too. It makes use of Dpad Kailh® integrated switches (ultra-thin mechanical keyboard switches that are super durable) as well as two Z buttons, standard L & R triggers, and programmable triggers on the back of the controller.

Close-ups of the buttons on the BattlerGC Pro controller

Players can expect to get around 10 hours of gaming from the controller after fast-charging it using USB-C (something I always like to see and expect from controllers these days). You can play from 30 feet away from your TV too which should be plenty of space, unless you live in a mansion… which I don’t.

Pre-Order Information

Pre orders for the Retro Fighters BattlerGC Pro go live on the 1st of May, and the controller itself releases into the world this October 2024. We can’t wait to get our hands on one to test out for you guys, so stay tuned to find out more about the newest GameCube controller on the block (and how badly I beat the guys on Mario Smash Football!).

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