Psychic Type Weakness Stats – How To Defeat Psychic Pokemon

Get ready to get one-up on Mega Mewtwo and its pals as we check out all the Psychic Type Weakness stats you need to win every battle!

Psychic type Pokemon have caused us issues for far too long now. To paraphrase Aragon, son of Arathorn, heir to the throne of Gondor – long have they hunted us, long have we alluded them. No more!’

Yes, it’s time to discover those important Psychic Type Weakness stats, which Pokemon are most useful against them, and which are the best moves to wield against our telekinetic foes.

Get your tin foil hats at the ready and prepare for battle!

What Are Psychic Pokemon Weak Against?

Psychic type Pokemon are weak against Ghost, Bug, and Dark type Pokemon.

This are the Pokemon types that are super effective against Psychic type Pokemon, so if you’re looking to exploit any major Psychic type Weakness, then get some big players in your team.

Who Is The Best Ghost Type Pokemon?

Giratina is the best Ghost Pokemon to have in your team for going up against Psychic type Pokemon. It’s super powerful with its 150 HP, 120 defence and 120 Special Defence, effectively making it a bona fide brick house with wings.

Shadow Claw, Dragon Claw, and Shadow Force are three of the most powerful moves that Giratina can call upon, so make sure you’ve got plenty of PP restore on hand!

Who Is The Best Bug Type Pokemon?

Genesect recently topped our list of the best bug type Pokemon, and it should be one of your go to Pokemon to call upon if you’re wanting to take down the likes of Alakazam and Mew.

With 120 Attack and 120 Sp. Attack, it’s one of those Pokemon that attacks first and asks questions never, which is just how we like it.

X-Scissor and Bug Buzz are two of it’s most powerful moves, and they’ll hopefully make mincemeat of your spoon-bending opponents.

Who Is The Best Dark Type Pokemon

Yveltal is the greatest Dark type Pokemon to use against Psychic powerhouses like Necrozma and Deoxys.

With 126 HP and both 131 when it comes to Attack and Sp. Attack, it’s definitely a Pokemon that you want to have on your team when you head into a Psychic trainer’s domain!

Dark Pulse and Foul Play are two of the strongest Dark moves in its arsenal, and with a total 680 stats, it’s going to take some serious beating!

So there you have it, now you have everything you need to know about Psychic Type Weakness stats in order to go forth and put an end to those pesky Psychic type punishers!

Don’t forget to check out our article on all the Pokemon Type Weaknesses in order to clue yourself up on what Ghost, Bug, and Dark Pokemon are weak against, just in case they come up against a Pokemon you’re unsure about in battle!

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